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1950s Maternal Discipline

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Sarah quickly leans while staying with her painfully strict Aunt that if she misbehaves SHE WILL HAVE a very red bottom!!

Over her Aunts knees she kicks and cries,her poor bottom takes the brunt of a barrage of spanks.

Sarah and Athena stick out their bare vulnerable bums for a real punishment caning.Noooooo Please Aunty it hurts too much!!

In this epic film, we flash back to the 1950s when discipline in the family home was very common. Times were different back then for sure and you will see some examples of this here. Sarah is sent to stay with her strict Aunt Dana since breaking multiple rules. She spends a week with her aunt and cousin and really sees how things are dealt with when rules are broken and girls are naughty. Being there also brings back memories of hearing and seeing her cousin being disciplined and we see flashbacks of her memories played out. Through Sarah’s narrations, we can hear exactly what is going through her head as she tells us this story; the story of her stay with strict Aunt Dana and cousin Anthea and the many spankings and punishments. This video also includes hairbrush spanking, caning, and mouth soaping.

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