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WHOA!!!! Naughty Maddy has to give her bottom some special attention as she she gets comfy sticks it out and uses her hand,hairbrush and leather paddle across her own bottom!!

I especially love it when she uses both her hands to deliver 2 stinging hard smacks across her bottom cheeks at once to increase the redness!

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Maddy gives her self a solid spanking before going over her partners knee for hand smacks across her already hot red stinging cheeks.

Maddy Marks and her partner decided to show us all a glimpse of their relationship with a short informative D/S display as she was instructed to spank herself in front of the cameras. His voice could be heard off camera gently telling her what to do next and how she should do it.

spanking gif 2She was told to spank herself harder and harder then rub her cheeks when they started to burn. This was no pattycake self spanking, he wouldn’t have her do this here. Maddy was then told to pick up the hairbrush and whack herself slowly and deliberately harder so we could see the effects this had on her smooth butt cheeks. It was an intimate and sensual act for her to give herself to him and us like this. Finally, she was told to use the leather paddle to redden her bottom before she took an OTK position for a finale spanking. Her boyfriend could not be seen in this video but you will see him spank her as they do at home… hard and forcefully, but not too brutal as she hadn’t done anything wrong here, this was not a punishment but a beautiful demonstration of their D/S relationship which they both kindly shared for us all on camera! It was a first for us all and we are sure you will enjoy this loving and close relationship that Maddy and her partner have! He is a lucky man… and so is she for having such an attentive and caring man in her life!

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Sexy Sarah assumes the position across Davids lap for a bottom bare legs spread bare ass spanking with hand and paddle as the happy girl squirms and wriggles over his knees.

You just got to love naughty girl spankings especially when their legs are open and you can delight in the sight of their pussies as their ass cheeks are firmly smacked.Very naughty indeed:)

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Chip ‘n’ Pain: Filmed at the Shadowlane 2013 casino hotel venue, this film proved to be the catalyst for the eventual pairing of Sarah Gregory and John Osborne outside of their kink! Neither of them realized at the time just what would happen but you will get some interesting hindsight previews from this final film they made at this party event. Set at a casino, it was a plausible storyline to have them in a loving discipline relationship filmed in their hotel suite… so when Sarah decided to play and brat by hiding some of John’s casino chips before he wanted to visit the tables, she knew he would search her and find what she had taken. Her ploy that he would pay more attention to her than the gaming tables paid off after he did find the missing chips on her person and he gave her a memorable “naughty girl” spanking and intimate cropping punishment that is shown in this film. Join them both at the start of their journey together that begun here.

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Mandie Rae’s perky butt from heaven is absolutely walloped all over making it shiny HOT RED!!

It is day two for Mandie at Discipline Camp and she was up all night fretting about what fresh hell her disciplinarian had planned for her. When she was summoned to the Punishment Room, Mandie found that she couldn’t move so great was her fear. She was reminded that if the staff needed to assist her, the punishment that she faced would be worse. She entered the room of punishment, under her own steam, with tears already flowing down her face. She was made to strip off her camp issued pants and to lay on her belly, on a bed that has been put there for her punishment. Several pillows were stuffed under her pelvis so that her bottom was thrust upwards, providing the disciplinarian the best target. He informed that girl that she was to be punished by strap. Soon the room was filled with cries, tears and regret.

To See The Video Click Here.

To See The Video Click Here.

Mandie cries and squirms as the strap land across her aching bottom over and over again without mercy!!!

The tears flow as  her bottom gets redder ! How many more spanks will land across her bare bottom cheeks? because her spanking ordeal is far from over!

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Little Cutie Laci’s Strict Aunt tuns her tender bottom a flaming HOT crimson buNrt red!!OUCH!

When Laci was taken over her Aunt Veronica’s lap, she was primarily concerned with the loss of her dignity. Soon her main concern was about how to get her Aunt to stop spanking her bare bottom as Veronica’s hand found its mark over and over, setting her niece’s bottom ablaze. Laci promised to read and recite Anna Karenina if only her Aunt would stop. When her aunt finally finished, Laci again was filled with a sense of true and utter embarrassment as she was led to the corner and made to stand with her face to the wall, her bare, spanked bottom on display,

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To See The Video Click Here

The naughty little Miss won’t be sitting comfortably for a week with that red butt!!

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Doctor Valentine gets Joelle’s clear attention when he lets strap smacks rain down furiously across her bare bottom cheeks hard and firm!

When Dr. Valentine offered Joelle the opportunity to stay on at the school provided she accept his personal corrections, he knew that she would accept. Joelle is a brilliant young woman but also possesses a bit of a wild streak. When Joelle arrived in class wearing a dress that was far to revealing, Doctor Valentine summoned the probationary teacher to his residence. He knew that his admonishments would fail to convince her of the error of her ways. However, he was certain that the thick school strap may prove a bit more convincing. He had Joelle remove her panties and bend over the library stairs for her punishment. Joelle remained defiant until the strap found it’s mark when her complaints and defiance were turned to promises of better behavior.

To See The Video Click Here

To See The Video Click Here

Joelle’s bottom can not bare another single stinging strap smack!!! How on earth will she stand the rest of the punishment she must endure?


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