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Harley’s bottom is red ,sore and burning hot after a good sound hand spanking that is much needed and deserved. *PERFECT*


FBI Special Agent Paul Kennedy returns to his hotel room to discover something amiss. The door isn’t locked, suggesting someone inside, so he enters carefully. When the intruder flips on the light, its not what he was expecting. Harley, the hotel owner’s high school aged daughter is hiding in his bed, completely naked. Harley is used to getting what she wants, so she is surprised when Kennedy fails to respond to her advances, even when she assures him that she is 18. Suddenly vulnerable, she worries that he does not like her. He assures her that he likes her very much indeed, and he will show that he cares about her by giving her boundaries and limits. When he pulls the nude girl out of bed, she thinks that perhaps she is going to get what she desires after all, but is shocked when instead he pulls her across his lap for a spanking. Harley has clearly never been punished before: her father is always too busy, hence her constant acting out, and has made up for it by giving her whatever she asks for, hence her spoiled attitude. The spanking she receives on her bare bottom hurts and makes her cry out and kick, but she cannot deny that it makes her feel safe and secure to be held accountable and taken in hand. Maybe Agent Kennedy is right and this is exactly what she needed.

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Dark Dance Of The Heart III: Critical Mistake – Part 2


Bianca enjoys the sight of Naked Autumn wriggling about as she lays draped accross her lap for a hot hand spanking.


Bianca and Autumn were enjoying one another in the tub when a call came in from Bianca’s agent. She noted that Autumn had picked a fight with a highly influential critic from New York. Autumn, in her defence, note that said critic was making snide comments about Bianca’s work. Bianca took her lover from the tub and into their bedroom. Autumn was taken over Bianca’s lap and given a lesson in artistic temperament.

Bianca spanked Autumn until she was certain that she understood her error. Then she placed her punished lover in the corner to admire her work and sexually satisfy herself


Linny’s Hard Spanking

Naughty Linny gets a hard bare bottom spanking till her round ass is stiniging,burning and a bright red!!

The punished girl can barley sit down because her red raw bottom is so sore.


Veronica Ricci teaches her new roommate Linny Lace that whenever someone messes up in this apartment complex, she gets a spanking. And Veronica delivers a long, hard spanking with her hand and wooden spoon, over her knee, and with Linny bent over. Linny learns her lesson with a very sore, red bottom that leaves her unable to sit down comfortably for a week.

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Very naughty and bratty little Sarah has earned a extremly hard punishment,bare bottom spanking.

Sarah kicks and cries accross Momma’s lap as her once white bottom is smacked a crimson red!!

Very hard smacks for a very bad girl!!!

Sarah has been nothing but a spoiled little brat. She has been sitting around all day in her PJs on her phone playing games. Mom gave her instructions before she went to work to help with some of the household chores. Sarah decides not to do them and when mom comes home, she is very upset with her lazy daughter. Sarah has quite the attitude with mom and it isn’t until the threat of a spanking that she starts to act a bit more contrite. Once momma has decided that she is going to spank Sarah, there is no turning back. As much as Sarah begs, momma still puts her naughty daughter over her knee. Sarah is spanked VERY hard on her PJs, panties, and then on the bare bottom. After momma uses her hand, she makes Sarah go and fetch the dreaded paddle. Sarah does what momma says even though she is very scared. This is one of the hardest spankings Sarah has taken and it shows. She struggles and promises to be a good girl until Momma finally believes her.

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The cane stripes Lilian White’s creamy, bare bubble butt 13 times

Unlucky for some! Putting glue on uncle John’s favorite stetson hat was a great idea,
but not when he tried to take it off. Bent over the back of a sofa, Lilian White reconsiders
the foolishness of her act as a whippy cane stripes her jutting bottom for 13 strokes.
“The yelps are all real, it hurts,” says Lilian, star of Celebrity Brat.

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The rhythmic crack of leather on bare ass means Alison Miller’s in trouble again

The crisp smack of two leather straps on bare flesh means it’s time for strict Domestic
Discipline …and Alison Miller’s bubble butt is a juicy target. She claims that her live-in
lover’s mom insulted her at a party. But Alison was even ruder and only a dose of two
straps will cure her disrespect. See her buttocks ripple as the leather bites deep…

The leather TAWSE cracks accross her bubble butt cheeks hard.

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Statuesque Katya Nostrovia bends over for a bare belting from her boyfriend

Having a wealthy boyfriend has its benefits, but there are downsides too…Katya
Nostrovia pays with a bare bottom belting in Sugar Daddy when she’s late for a date.
“I loved when he pulled the belt through the loops on his pants,” Katya admits, “then
snapped the leather between his hands.” See the cheek reddening results now!

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