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Spanked in her Jodhpurs

Little Rosie

Adorable cutie Rosie Ann’s spankable,perky round bottom is stung with a crop,reddened by hand and punished till it hurts all over with a leather paddle.

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Rosie helps out at the horse stables of her mother’s best friend, Jadie Reece. She has a reputation for being a strict disciplinarian. Rosie secretly fantasizes that she would get punished by her and decides to see if Jadie’s reputation is real or not! Instead of preparing Jadie’s favorite pony she still has the saddle indoors and pretends that she is riding a pony! It’s not long before an irritated Jadie catches Rosie in the act. Not only is the saddle not ready but she took her favorite riding crop and hat that she had been looking for. Jadie’s tone changes, “this is it!” Rosie thinks… she can barely speak, her throat is dry and her heart racing as Jadie scolds her, promising discipline there and then. Rosie is spanked still “riding” the saddle, her tight jodhpurs stretched allowing Jadie’s hard hand to smack her throbbing bottom! Rosie’s head races with mixed emotions; fear, excitement, trepidation… her head is buzzing and barely hears the order to pull down her jodhpurs for a bare bottom spanking. She fumbles with the buttons… and trembling, does as she is told! With her bottom in the air, Rosie complies silently offering up her bared cheeks to the riding crop and a stinging leather paddle that Jadie kept for the stable boys! Now this paddle has a new victim. Rosie’s bottom is red and visibly swollen at the end of this punishment. Jadie leaves her to compose herself and reflect on what had just happened, reminding the young girl that she still had a job to do. Get the pony ready for the morning ride!

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How embarrassing for naughty little Rosie bottom bare and legs up and over her head.Pussy bare and exposed for a humiliating and hard punishment spanking from her Male Trainer.

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Rosie’s personal trainer had only left the room for a few minutes and on his return he caught her performing some unorthodox balancing moves which could have injured her back. She was supposed to be doing more core exercises to strengthen her back, not ruin it! She knew the score when he was displeased and knew that various humiliating punishment moves would follow! Perhaps Rosie wanted to be caught? Who knows? She is a very naughty young lady! Rosie gets spanked in differing positions without too much complaint over her tight exercise shorts before these were pulled down and the harder spankings continued. Next followed more embarrassing positions, exposing the poor girl as her bottom was strapped and paddled. At the end you’ll see her doing the exercises she was supposed to be doing with a sore red bottom on full display. Fans of Rosie Ann will love this video as she demonstrates how versatile and athletic she is whilst taking an unusual spanking punishment!



Rosie’s Humiliating Punishment

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Strict and sexy Head sister Sarah punishes naughty little sorority girl Rosie Ann with hand and wooden paddle as the cute little Miss squirms about,her entire plump bare bum cheeks stinging like madness.


little Rosie’s generous round bum wobbles about with each hand slap that lands with a sting.


Hand bound together with rope and bum bare ,exposed and vulnerable for reddening swats.


Firm and perky boobies bounce as smack land across her rosy red bottom.



Sticking her rosy reddening ass in the air for stings with the heavy wooden paddle.


Rosie’s grades have slipped and this is unacceptable! She is sent to head sister, Sarah, to be dealt with. Punishment is in order for this naughty sorority sister. First it is over Sarah’s knee for a hard hand spanking over her jeans, panties, and then bare bottom. Then, she is made to strip for the more humiliating part of the punishment. This includes having her hands tied over her head, being completely naked and fully exposed for her spanking and paddling.

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The Ballgagged Schoolgirl

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Naughty little cute cute cute schoolgirl Rosie Ann is gagged and spanked very very hard all over her ripe round bum.

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Sticking her rosy reddening ass in the air for stings with the heavy black leather strap.


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Hand and straps will turn her soft bum rosy,oh yes!!


Little muffin Rosie has a super soft and squishy spankable round butt and Strict Sir enjoys slapping it pink and making it bounce.


Oh My,Rosie is soooooooooooo cute !!!

Adorable cutie Rosie has pretty red hair so she needs a red bottom to match!

The curvy little cutie gets naked for a perfectly  nasty erotic spanking with Mr Osbourne.

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Rosie Ann faced her most humiliating detention punishment to date when her potty mouth got her into trouble. Mr Osborne wasn’t going to listen to anymore of her “F Bombs” and shut her up immediately by ballgagging her. This shocked schoolgirl then went through the rest of her punishment muted except for the muffled sounds of her cries of pain. He punished her for the other misdemeanors such as smoking, for which she received a hard and painful wooden ruler first on on her hands then later on her bare bottom! A hard OTK bare bottom spanking and a double thick heavy leather strap ensured this foul mouthed young lady learnt her lesson thoroughly in her after school detention. This was by far Rosie Ann’s most humiliating spanking punishment to date!

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Stern Mother spanking her daughter in a humiliating and revealing position

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Little Rosy Ann is plump butt cheeks bare,pussy exposed legs up and over her head for a painful and humiliating spanking.

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SMACK SMACK SMACK!!! Hard hairbrush wallops burn like crazy!!

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Waaaaaaaa Mummieeeeeee please don’t spank my thighs,Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

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Strict Mum delivers no nonsense to the point hard hairbrush smacks,over and over and over again till little Rosie can not stand the pain.

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There is no hiding Rosie’s Pussy in this position,as her mum swats her naked bottom cheeks, her pussy lips are on full display,very embarrassing for the naughty girl.

Rosie’s vulnerable bottom turns cherry red from Stern Mothers solid hairbrush which she delivers painfully strict against her daughters poor bottom.

Rosy Ann has the mother from hell. More concerned with the impact on her social diary than Rosy or her little brother (Monty)’s welfare, Jessica shows her frustration by smacking Rosy’s bottom, followed by an application of the hairbrush in an embarrassing legs-up position. Rosy wishes she were an orphan.

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Oh My,Rosie is soooooooooooo cute and what a cheeky smile!!!

Adorable cutie Rosie has brand new red hair so she needs a red bottom to match 🙂

The curvy little cutie gets naked for a perfectly  nasty erotic spanking with Sarah Grgeory.

Hand and straps will turn her soft bum rosy,oh yes!!

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Little muffin Rosie has a super soft and squishy spankable round butt and Sarah enjoys slapping it pink and making it bounce.

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Rosie buries her head in the bed with her plump naked bottom propped up and right over a bunch of pillows for a licking from Sarah’s thick strap.


Naked and sticking her rosy reddening ass in the air for stings with the heavy black leather strap.


Sarah Gregory had been wanting to meet Rosie for quite a while after seeing what had been filmed at Triple A previously! This was a memorable encounter as Rosie had seen Sarah’s strapping techniques and had asked her off camera if she could demonstrate to her what she did best! Sarah couldn’t wait, but insisted on having the lovely Rosie naked on the bed. What you will see are two fabulous ladies doing what they do best as Top and Bottom. This is fine spanking erotica at its best starring two very sexy ladies!

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Rosie is bound in the exposed and humiliating diaper position.Her soft bottom cheeks naked and vulnerable.

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Rosie looks behind her  and admires her glowing red bottom cheeks.

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Rosie’s caned bottom cheeks are stinging,burning and throbbing sore.

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Rosie wanted to be spanked and punished in a variety of positions of her choosing. Knowing Rosie, aaaspanking.com knew that this would be interesting and you will not be disappointed. She started off getting spanked upside down in a cute pair of white open crotch bloomers… she suspended herself from a high bar using her arms and legs wrapped around it for support. This was a precarious position but her core strength and agility won out against John’s hand as he reddened her bottom up nicely. This was only the warm up as Rosie next asked to be spread on a spanking bench and caned hard with fast and furious strokes mixed with some very thuddy ones which really got the endorphins flowing.

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Her third installment was on a St Andrews Cross that she had seen. She was tied to it and given two of the meanest heaviest straps in aaa spankings arsenal. One was a rarely used double thick, double stitched leather strap with a lot of impact and the other was a never before used large rubber strap from Caniac that no girl had dared take on… until now!

Anyone who knows how horrible heavy rubber is will understand that you do not need much of a swing for this to hurt. John took large swings of it anyway and Rosie was just up to the task!

Finally she was impressed by AAA Spankings addition of a brand new dense oak wooden spoon (very ouchy!). This final request was for a kitchen scene and where this awesome video ended with her getting countless swats and whacks with this implement.

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Slutty Ginger has earned her soft round bum a punishment that will turn it bright RED!

A stingy hand smacking and a dose of pain with the leather Paddle!

This film tells the story of a harried office manager having to discipline one of his junior data analysts for taking the concept of dress-down Friday quite a lot too far!

Her tiny slutty come spank me shorts are pulled down for bare ass spanks!

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Now for some more serious stuff, this is an 80’s-themed traditional home discipline film, telling the story of a good girl, played by Rosie Ann, who has fallen into bad company and needs a painful reminder that better is expected of her. Rosie is just 19 and a tiny little thing but her 12-stroke caning in this film is spectacular.
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A bus station is a bad place for good girls to hang out! When eighteen year old Rosie Ann’s parents got a call from her best friends family, letting them know that the girls were caught hanging out among the crowd of delinquents there, Rosy was definitely in trouble. Like most girls her age in the nineteen eighties, she was no stranger to getting her bottom smacked but, this time, she was in bigger trouble than that. This time, she was going to get the cane. Having mostly been a good girl, Rosie had never been punished this way before, and she was scared and nervous from the moment she saw the thick, rattan implement. Being mostly good, she did not protest against the punishment she knew she deserved. Her round little bottom was soundly spanked until it glowed red through her white school knickers while she grimaced and whimpered. Then she was ordered to kneel up on the bed, presenting herself for the harsher discipline she required for being such a wayward, naughty girl. What followed was a hard caning, with each stroke biting into her tender cheeks and making her lunge forward, trying to escape the pain that never seemed to stop growing. The strokes were hard, and they did not get any softer when she whimpered and cried out: she needed to learn a lesson. Once Rosie had been properly beaten, she collapsed on the bed, her red and swollen bottom sticking up. Rosie promised that she will not be caught in the bus station again. Hopefully, she will not need another visit from the cane!


I remember when I use to take riding lessons I could never put on Jodhpurs without thinking about spanking!!! There is something about the tight pants that just screams spank me don’t you think?

Alex and Harley are friends who are on the same riding team. The girls decided to make a deal with one another: whoever scored the most points for the team during the next competition will get to spank the other. Alex came out on top, by a wide margin, so once everything was over, she lead Harley to the back porch of one of the buildings. Reminding her friend that a deal is a deal, she pulled Harley over her lap. Feeling quite pleased with herself, and giggling at her friends prediciment, she soundly smacked Harelys bottom over her tight jodhpurs, being a bit generous with her soothing rubs. Harley protested and whined, but Alex got her to admit she did not hate it. At least not until Alex stood Harley up and pulled down her jodhpurs to expose her soft, white cotton knickers. Alex then used her riding crop to drive home the point that she was trying to make: that it was in everyones best interest for both of them to do well and earn more points for the team. Really, using the crop hard across Harleys panties, and then pulling them down to punish her bare bottom was entirely to provide inspiration for both girls to do their best! Just how lovely Harley looked as her bottom turned red was a coincidental side effect. Besides, next time, if Harley did her best, it could be her holding the crop. Fair is fair!


Alex and Paul from Northern spanking website  met Harley Havik on the spanking scene in Los Angeles.  To shoot with her for the first time, they rented a gorgeous period house in the mountains of Southern California.  The house had many original features from the 1920’s and additional furnishings from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s which they made the best possible use of. Their favourite from that shoot is Harley’s film debut .  Other highlights include a strict schoolgirl beating and a period prom queeen pastiche, with Alex as a horrible bully spanking poor Harley in a diaper position, holding her legs in the air.  


Dorothy Burnette will make her debut on Northern Spanking this month. The tiniest, prettiest schoolgirl-with-blue-hair you ever saw! This shoot was done in Los Angeles and was Dorothy’s first ever spanking shoot too, although she is active in the LA fetish modelling scene. Two simple stories for her first films; one a late-home-drunk scenario and a schoolgirl suffering at the hands of an at-home tutor. Her introductory photoset is particuarly dark and menacing, made even more so by its bright colours – watch out for it soon.


Finally, again in Los Angeles, Paul and Alex shot with their good friend Ginger Sparks for the second time and with another brand new spankee, Linny Lace. Yes that’s THREE brand new girls in a row and they have more new models lined up to shoot with us in late summer and fall of this year.





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British Girl Guide, Zoe Page, spotted an innocent exchange Girl Scout (Alex Reynolds from America) looking lost at the Old School Building where an International Guide & Scouting Conference was supposed to be held. Zoe knew it had been cancelled as she had only found out herself not long & and she was annoyed. So like a cat toying with a mouse, she decided to have some fun to see just how far she could play with this cute innocent lost girl scout for her own selfish pleasure. Naive Alex took everything said literally, she was so trusting & had no concept of deceit or why anyone could lie to her that this made Zoe’s twisted playtime so much easier! After almost making out with Alex & describing her various “sexual” badges she’d earnt, Zoe found a perfect excuse to spank & punish Alex with her bare hand & riding crop she used for her real horse riding badge! Zoe was very persuasive in getting Alex to remove her panties & get her bare bottom thrashed a beautiful shade of red. See Zoe “perve out” on such innocence & watch how she played with her trusting new “bestie”.


The ever so naughty Miss Sarah Gregory is totally naked and otk for a revealing exposed spanking that makes her bouncy round ass cheeks a nice and shiny red.

It is always a naughty treat to watch Sarah getting her spankings.

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Sarah could be a real brat when she didn’t get her way! She had embarrassed John at the company dinner in which he had travelled a long way to come visit her and his American colleagues. He cut short his dinner meeting with that knowing eye to his compatriots and took Sarah back to their room for a showdown and her inevitable punishment that only couples do so intimately! Sarah looked stunning in her red dress and John wasted no time throwing her over his knee for a spanking. But he wanted to be sure that this super sassy brat was fully contrite and told her to slowly undress for him. Sarah was secretly excited and still answered back to ensure she got more whackings on her bare bottom as she jiggled her butt cheeks provocatively to tease him. John could see her excitement as he removed her panties to reveal a glistening pussy that had betrayed her attitude! Normally John would have ended the punishment there and then and had his way but he wanted to ensure that Sarah would be contrite and learn her lesson this time that she couldn’t always have her own way! Witness this hot red blooded spanking and leather paddling as you enjoy the sight of Sarah Gregory as you’ve never seen her before. A stunning grown up spanking film that both John and Sarah loved making for you and which will appeal to lovers of domestic spanking erotica!


Adorable little cutiepie Kami Robertson rubs her well spanked burning red tushy up and down after a very painful spanking punishment.

“Ohhhhhh it hurts so much”

Off to sleep in her drop seat jammies with a red bottom to dream about spankings🙂

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Another rare chance for fans of cutie Kami Robertson to see a new movie!

hard spankingLittle Kami was dressed in a stunning outfit of red and white dropseat pajamas. In this short sharp shock film, Kami decided that she didn’t want to get up for school and made every excuse possible refusing to get out of bed in the morning. Her legal guardian didn’t have the time or inclination to argue and talk this nonsense out of her and threatened the brat with a temperature taking and a spanking. Her shame and guilt were confirmed so he gave her a quick, hard and humiliating spanking on her bed, pulling down the dropseats to reveal her peachy bottom which fans of Miss Robertson will find most appealing! This film comes with a bonus HD1080 MOV version at AAASpanking here->>>>>>>


Awwwww Little bratty cutie girl Rosie is just to adorably naughty:)

Wetting her white panties earns the schoolgirl a red butt!!

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Rosie Ann was the last girl in her detention session on the school trip before they all had to catch the bus home and she begged to go to the bathroom early as she was aching to go. She is just 18 years old and should know better but she was caught short and made a bit of a mess in the bathroom, wetting her panties and the floor. Her teacher caught her trying to clear up the mess and punished her further with a humiliating bare bottom spanking followed by forced pantie washing and wearing of the wet cotton undergarments underneath her short skirt as a shameful reminder before she was sent on her way to the waiting school bus to take her and the rest of her classmates home from the weekend retreat!

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