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Amelia clutches her tender,swollen,red,stinging,freshly punished,spanked cherry red bottom after painful discipline with hand and hairbrush.

Amelia’s bottom is throbbing,burning red and her mouth is washed out with icky soap!!

Amelia Jane is Clare’s neice who has been squandering her inheritance when she should be getting her degree. Clare hires Lana because she was able to whip a friend’s children into shape, and she takes her time with the gorgeous Amelia Jane. Amelia is spanked with the hand, hairbrush and gets her mouth soaped.

Painful,humiliating naked and bare bottom spanking punishments for a naughty schoolgirl from her Strict Aunt and teacher.

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Snow Directs Vernoica to Spank Koko

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Veronica’s butt hurts oh so much so it is pretty hard to sit down on her red bum and smack naughty Koko till her butt hurts to much to sit down to.

Teacher Snow (Snow Mercy) recently spanked Veronica Ricci to instruct her in the ways of spanking as she is now sorority leader. Snow wants to see how Veronica does and has her sit on her sore bottom to put Koko Kitten over her knee and practice spanking Koko hard. She also shows her how to use implements on Koko, including the large wooden pledge paddle. Veronica is a fast learner much to Koko’s dismay.

Snow and Veronica use hand,large ruler and solid paddle to burn Koko’s pretty little perky bottom and it makes her poor cheeks bright cherry red.

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Whitney cries out ow ow ow as her teacher gives her the spanking of a life time with her wooden ruler.Her thrashed bottom is so very very sore after a tremendously hard and serious punishment spanking panties pulled right down.

Whitney Morgan was spanked often growing up, including by her mom (Miss Cassie), her teacher with a ruler (Veronica Ricci) and her dad, who spanked her sometimes with a book. Whitney gives an outstanding, candid interview with some excellent re-enactments.

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 Audrey’s burning  spanked  bottom is a glorious sight!

schoolgirl spankedAudrey was sent to the principal’s office after calling her teacher a “bitch” when she was refused permission to use the girl’s room. Due to the severity of the offence, Audrey was given a bare bottom spanking.

After her bare bottom spanking was over, Audrey was required to bend over the back of the chair for several swats with the yardstick paddle. Audrey promised to never be disrespectful to anyone again should her punishment ever come to an end.

The naughty schoolgirl could not stand the pain of her Principals forceful very hard spanks that she lay upon hers naked bum with the yardstick over and over again till her plump soft and bouncy cheeks were throbbing in absolute agony!

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