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Schoolgirl Spankings and Wedgies

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Wedgie pulling and a firm hand applied to a sensitive schoolgirls bottom cheeks.


Cute!!!! I use to do this with a ruler lol. Kawaii_Pixel_Heart_by_lafhaha-2

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Wedgie’s and spankings a perfectly ticklish match!

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Sarah slaps Bianca’s perky tushy cheeks burning them HOT and making them blush.4gR4S

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Squirmy and stingy!

Bianca plays a naughty school girl who has been going around giving everyone wedgies because she loves to make them squirm and humiliate them. She is sent to Miss Gregory (the principal) to be dealt with. After a scolding she actually gives Miss Gregory a wedgie to show her how fun it is. Principal Gregory is not amused and quickly wedgies her and then says that is not good enough. A good over the knee spanking is in order for this naughty girl. She is spanked over her skirt, panties and then is given a wedgie so her bare bum can be spanked. She is very humiliated as she should be.

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Join in and see Sarah Gregory and her girlfriends squeal as their bottoms turn red!


Rosie’s Humiliating Punishment

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Strict and sexy Head sister Sarah punishes naughty little sorority girl Rosie Ann with hand and wooden paddle as the cute little Miss squirms about,her entire plump bare bum cheeks stinging like madness.


little Rosie’s generous round bum wobbles about with each hand slap that lands with a sting.


Hand bound together with rope and bum bare ,exposed and vulnerable for reddening swats.


Firm and perky boobies bounce as smack land across her rosy red bottom.



Sticking her rosy reddening ass in the air for stings with the heavy wooden paddle.


Rosie’s grades have slipped and this is unacceptable! She is sent to head sister, Sarah, to be dealt with. Punishment is in order for this naughty sorority sister. First it is over Sarah’s knee for a hard hand spanking over her jeans, panties, and then bare bottom. Then, she is made to strip for the more humiliating part of the punishment. This includes having her hands tied over her head, being completely naked and fully exposed for her spanking and paddling.

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Lily Swan is looking very colorful in rainbow socks and sporting a bright red bottom!

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Lily Swan is Draped across Johns lap with her jeans yanked down for a dose of his firm hand till her cheeks are all stingy and shiny red.

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WOW!!! Lily Swan is completely exposed as John slaps her parted ass cheeks!

John invited Lily Swan over to learn more about these so called ‘shakes’ that she has been selling his girlfriend. John thinks this is just a scam and complains that all his girlfriend is doing is farting and she blames, Lily, the girl who sold her the product. He invites her over and she keeps trying to sell it, even to him, so he spanks this sassy girl for not understanding him and continuing to try and sell even when he has had it with her.

He takes the naughty girl across his kneed then smacks her firmly over her jeans.After heating her seat he pulls down her ity bity g-string then spanks her naked ass.

The hot girl kicks and squirms about exposing her pussy as the smacks continue.

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