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The Ballgagged Schoolgirl

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Naughty little cute cute cute schoolgirl Rosie Ann is gagged and spanked very very hard all over her ripe round bum.

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Sticking her rosy reddening ass in the air for stings with the heavy black leather strap.


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Hand and straps will turn her soft bum rosy,oh yes!!


Little muffin Rosie has a super soft and squishy spankable round butt and Strict Sir enjoys slapping it pink and making it bounce.


Oh My,Rosie is soooooooooooo cute !!!

Adorable cutie Rosie has pretty red hair so she needs a red bottom to match!

The curvy little cutie gets naked for a perfectly  nasty erotic spanking with Mr Osbourne.

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Rosie Ann faced her most humiliating detention punishment to date when her potty mouth got her into trouble. Mr Osborne wasn’t going to listen to anymore of her “F Bombs” and shut her up immediately by ballgagging her. This shocked schoolgirl then went through the rest of her punishment muted except for the muffled sounds of her cries of pain. He punished her for the other misdemeanors such as smoking, for which she received a hard and painful wooden ruler first on on her hands then later on her bare bottom! A hard OTK bare bottom spanking and a double thick heavy leather strap ensured this foul mouthed young lady learnt her lesson thoroughly in her after school detention. This was by far Rosie Ann’s most humiliating spanking punishment to date!

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Dani Daniels’ stinging wooden Jokari paddle sets Belinda Lawson’s bottom alight

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The sight of Belinda Lawson bent right over a school desk wearing tight and tiny ass hugging denim shorts for swats,Oh My!

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Strict sorority discipline with two of the hottest models, Belinda Lawson and Dani Daniels! The expression on Belinda’s face as Dani lets fly a hard, smarting volley of swats with her wooden paddle in perfect. First on shorts, then bare bottom in different positions, Dani burns her buns, strict as hell for tardies in Inappropriate Conduct.

Dani turns the sorority girls bubble butt cheeks a deep searing hot RED!

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Belinda Lawson’s bottom spanked hard, expensive shoes pointing at the ceiling

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Belinda’s curvy soft round bottom cheeks are a blistering fire engine red after a humiliating diaper position spanking with the dreaded school ruler.

Belinda Lawson pays for her extravagance in Asking For It with a triple blistering bottom spanking! Hand, wooden paddle and meter ruler sting with spray-on leggings, and even more bare bottom. Watch out for her candid chat to camera about the dreaded paddle!

OUCH!!! Schoolgirl Belinda’s butt is extremely red!!!!

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 Naughty schoolgirl Adriana endures serious no nonsense  corporal punishment at the hands of her Strict Professor.

Adriana is in detention and she is there to write lines for her bad behavior. Well, professor Osborne catches her drawing silly photos making fun of him instead of her lines. Not only does this misbehaving school girl get a bare bottom spanking while bent over her desk. She is made to spread her legs and stick out her bottom for an old fashioned caning as well.

The poor girl is teary eyed as the cane stripes her already red and hand spanked bottom!

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