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“Spanked at School, Strapped at Home”

Naughty little girl Belle nervously waits for her daddy to come home,get her over his knee,pull her panties down,bare her cute little ass and give her a embarrassing and painful punishment spanking.


Waaaaaaaaaa Nooooo Daddy,it hurts,IT HURTS!!!!!


Her daddy can see her naked butt as he watches it grow redder and redder with each crisp SMACK!!!

Belle had been punished with a spanking at school for yet another serious misdemeanor and her parents were informed. Mother had sent her to bed early, grounding her in her room until Daddy arrived home from work. He had already been told by the school what had happened and so once home, he summoned her downstairs to face up to the ritual of a second punishment at home. She got spanked at school, but at home, Daddy would strap her with the thick, heavy Discipline Belt. Sadly for Belle, her attitude was one of indifference to the predicament she found herself in. You’d think she would have realized that being sent to bed early while the sun was still shining brightly outside in the beautiful early evening was deterrent enough. However her attitude only incurred the wrath of her Daddy who gave her a thorough additional hard hand spanking across her tight bare bottom before using that mean leather belt. This time he did not hold back, not caring that her bottom was already sore from her school spanking. This time her gave her the heaviest swats with that thick, unforgiving leather belt that had her gasping and crying out in obvious pain! Witness Belle, in her cute pajamas, getting a very hard hand spanking and strap

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