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Mom Spanks and Wedgies Schoolgirl Daughters

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Ouch,nasty wedgie spankings,Woo Hoo!!

When mom (Clare Fonda) discovers that her 2 daughters (Veronica Ricci and Harley Havik) were misbehaving at school and wore the incorrect panties, she teaches them a lesson by first giving them wedgies, then giving each girl a hard spanking. After she leaves, Veronica does that same to her young sister, who was the instigator, giving her wedgies and a hard spanking. Bottoms turn very red on this day.

Serious HOT wedgie action plus a spanking.images

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Amelia clutches her tender,swollen,red,stinging,freshly punished,spanked cherry red bottom after painful discipline with hand and hairbrush.

Amelia’s bottom is throbbing,burning red and her mouth is washed out with icky soap!!

Amelia Jane is Clare’s neice who has been squandering her inheritance when she should be getting her degree. Clare hires Lana because she was able to whip a friend’s children into shape, and she takes her time with the gorgeous Amelia Jane. Amelia is spanked with the hand, hairbrush and gets her mouth soaped.

Painful,humiliating naked and bare bottom spanking punishments for a naughty schoolgirl from her Strict Aunt and teacher.

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Soft round bottom cheeks stung with a cane,covered in hot red stripes a reminder to be a good girl!

Dressed in school uniform, Pandora Blake takes advantage of a quiet stairwell to snap a few sexy selfies. But she’s so busy trying to get an explicit upskirt shot, she doesn’t notice her teacher approaching.

Pandora’s Teacher punishes her strictly with the school cane.

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Hot hard fast and rosy sweet red!!! naughty Lexi looking sweet and smackable is bare butt wriggling about over Her sister Adriana’s knees getting her juicy round booty slapped till it stings.

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Furious hand slaps make her sweet jiggly booty bounce!

Adriana, as the eldest sister, was left in charge of the household when her father needed to go on a business trip. She was concerned as how she would deal with her sister Lexi who is something of a free spirit. One day Lexi, dressed in school uniform, arrived home after midnight. Under questioning from her sister, Lexi admitted that she had been to a party and wore her school uniform because men find it hot. She suddenly found herself over her enraged sister’s lap for a hard spanking.

Lexi soon dropped the sass and quickly started to plead for her big sis to stop spanking her. Once the spanking was over, Lexi was made to suffer the indignity of corner time with her red, bare bottom on display.

Joelle’s Bunny rabbit socks are so cute,want some!

Joelle smacks her little sisters exposed plump ass hard fast and yeeeeeeeeeeeeouch RED!

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Fantasy fulfillment in school uniform for Amelia Rutherford is a caning.

Amelia is a naughty little schoolgirl bending over with her bottom completely bare for strokes with a cane.OUCH!

Amelia’s husband Earl Grey is happy to indulge her fantasies by applying a springy cane to her perfect bare bottom as she bends over in school uniform in Getting to the Bottom of It. Will 18 strokes be too much for this statuesque beauty?

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Strict Aleesha turns schoolgirl Ella Hughes bottom cheeks a shiny Bright CHERRY RED  .

SCHOOLGIRL PADDLINGspanked after schooThis film features two firsts – Aleesha Fox made her debut as a stern, matriarchal figure spanking another new girl to aaaspanking, Ella Hughes, dressed in an authentic gingham dress school uniform. Ella had not been performing as well as expected at school and when her grades were revealed, mid term, she faced the consequences for letting down her family!

She was spanked OTK, then her crisp white panties were pulled down just enough to reveal her reddening bottom to which she was thoroughly spanked on the bare and then given a hair brush spanking that had her squirming in real pain. Watch this traditional no nonsense film on how we used to discipline naughty schoolgirls at home in real 1980’s surroundings for that added authentic feel of days gone by at AAASpanking->>>>>



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 Naughty schoolgirl Adriana endures serious no nonsense  corporal punishment at the hands of her Strict Professor.

Adriana is in detention and she is there to write lines for her bad behavior. Well, professor Osborne catches her drawing silly photos making fun of him instead of her lines. Not only does this misbehaving school girl get a bare bottom spanking while bent over her desk. She is made to spread her legs and stick out her bottom for an old fashioned caning as well.

The poor girl is teary eyed as the cane stripes her already red and hand spanked bottom!

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Alex has been a very naughty girl indeed and earned her naughty little self a dose of the tawse against her soft schoolgirl bottom.

“I can do EXACTLY what I like,” explains truant officer Paul Kennedy, as he strips naughty schoolgirl Alex Reynolds, then beats her with a tawse. Cowering from Paul’s harsh, terrifying character, Alex begs him to stop.

Alex’s favourite role-plays often involve non-consent, and very cruel punishments. This one delivers, as the truant officer abuses his authority to make Alex cry out in pain, promising that she’ll do anything if he’ll spare her further lashes with with the tawse.

A very painful spanking for a naughty schoolgirls bare bottom cheeks.

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24 hard cane strokes between four very naughty schoolgirls

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3 very naughty schoolgirls bend over and stick out their naughty bottoms for hard and unbearably stinging,painful strokes of the school cane.

PANDORA BLAKE SPANKINGSchoolgirls Pandora Blake and Alex Reynolds go to a very strict school. Truancy is grounds for corporal punishment, and the strict headmaster Paul Kennedy summons both schoolgirls to the gym for a no nonsense serious cold caning.

But when schoolgirls  Christy Cutie and Maddy Marks sense injustice, they volunteer to share the cane strokes with their friends.

As all the girls are at fault, they each receive six hard cane strokes on their bare bottom cheeks leaving them stripped with red marks, while the others look on in wincing solidarity.

The caned schoolgirls won’t be able to sit down comfortably for a week.


A important news announcement from the beautiful and talented Pandora Blake……

We’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad? On December 1st new laws came into force that mean many of the hot videos we produce on Dreams of Spanking are now subject to censorship. The UK Government wants to control what UK producers can show on film, right down to the severity of any given spanking.
Dreams of Spanking is a celebration of our own love of corporal punishment, and reflects the genuine kinks and desires of our performers. One change we will make, to make it clear that everyone involved in our films enthusiastically consents, is add highlights from the interviews and outtakes before and after the main films. But will we change the films themselves?
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Jodi Biltmore,Monica Bouget and Adrienne Black spanked

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Beautiful and tall Adrienne’s pretty Black’s eyes fill with REAL tears as she’s seriously spanked, caned and strapped till her tight perky ass is on fire!


 Adrienne is Looking oh so very very  yummy in her short denim itty bitty shorts:)

A very real and serious hot blistering, tear-inducing, butt-striping punishment as Adrienne Black completes Problem PA.

Spanked HARD by strict hard spanking Johnny Stockton for wearing shorts in the office, his wife Stacy takes over for six with a cane and 32 smacks with a strap, striping her red, bare bottom like a pro. Ouch OUCH OUCH!


 Awwwwww Monica is sooooo tiny ! and such a major cutie!

Nice view up sassy Alison Millers skirt below of her white panties which will be yanked down shortly hehe!

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Cute and tiny, bratty Monica Bouget’s tight jiggling bottom is spanked long and hard for bad behavior!

How can gymnast fit, tight cheeks jiggle so much? Exotic Monica Bouget is back! She’s spanked outside by Mr Anderson so she can go on a European exchange visit. Hot in school uniform, gorgeous with panties down, she’s laid over his knee: perfect!

A very red ass indeed after a very hard spanking.

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230-smack bare spanking for Jodi Biltmore after cussing out a teacher

Laid over Mr Strickman’s knee, ripe bottom cheeks bare under his hand, Jodi Biltmore has rebellion spanked out of her 230 times at Reform Academy Cussing out a teacher has painful results and a cherry red butt! (Shot solo Reaction Cam).

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