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Madison Punishes Two School Girls

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Madison gets revenge on 2 naughty and very hot schoolgirls who humiliate her and give her a wedgie up her bottom.

They deserve every single,painful,stinging smack that burns their bums!


Super hot,nasty and cute!!!

The girls are going to wish they didn’t over power Madison and give her a embarrassing wedgie when Madison takes them both over her knee for a good sound spanking!

Madison Martin (such a spankable hottie) is now working as a counselor and a girl’s school. When 2 naughty school girls, Jenna Sativa and Mandy Muse (who is making her spanking debut) act up and give Madison a wedgie in her office, she spanks each girl to teach them some discipline. These two young ladies have nice round bottoms and Madison turns them red and embarrasses them as only she can.

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Mom Spanks and Wedgies Schoolgirl Daughters

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Ouch,nasty wedgie spankings,Woo Hoo!!

When mom (Clare Fonda) discovers that her 2 daughters (Veronica Ricci and Harley Havik) were misbehaving at school and wore the incorrect panties, she teaches them a lesson by first giving them wedgies, then giving each girl a hard spanking. After she leaves, Veronica does that same to her young sister, who was the instigator, giving her wedgies and a hard spanking. Bottoms turn very red on this day.

Serious HOT wedgie action plus a spanking.images

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3 Naughty little schoolgirls and three big round and well spanked rosy red bottoms on display:)

Alex Reynolds, Christy Cutie & Maddy Marks had been summoned to meet the new English teacher, Mr Osborne, who was assigned punishment duty for these repeat offendors for his very first time. Talk about dropping him in at the deep end!

The girls were real brats, proud of their irresponsible behaviour and were even caught comparing their flagrantly non regulation panties to each other when Mr Osborne arrived for their detention punishment.

The girls were near on impossible for him to discipline effectively together like this and he had thought about taking them one by one to the basement for a real tearful one on one discipline session but it would be time consuming and he didn’t want to come across as too strong during his first day on the job. So he decided to try and humble the girls by spanking them in front of each other and making them just a little more contrite. However, the girls continued to brat and laugh until it was the turn of Alex and he brought out the bathbrush when his patience wore thin which soon silenced their giggling and sniggering.

The final act saw all their bared bottoms placed together when they were finally starting to understand that their continued poor behaviour was unacceptable and he had them kneeling on the couch and had a good look at his handiwork. Mr Osborne asked them to remain silent and contrite whilst he went away to fetch the discipline paperwork which they would sign at the end of their detention.

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Amelia and Sarah’s well punished bottoms are blushing red,stinging and burning hot!

Amelia and Sarah had been asked to report to the the Head of Music’s Private Study for their Detention Punishment. As the Deputy of the school, he still had the right to discipline the girls by hand if needed.

The girls didn’t like each other at all & it wasn’t long before they started to argue & bicker before Sarah dragged a howling, yelping Amelia over her lap for a surprise brat spanking that she dished out all too well! This was the scene that greeted Mr Osborne, who turned up to find Amelia close to tears & Sarah smirking whilst Amelia’s panties were pulled right down with her bottom already turning a sorry red!

Sarah’s detention was far less severe, but this behavior earned her a similar spanking in front of Amelia but not before he told this arrogant madam why she was there for much more serious offences which he would deal with in Sarah’s absence!

Once Sarah’s bottom was suitably reddened & sore, he sent her away to continue a far more humiliating & demeaning punishment on the table as Amelia’s protests of her innocence only infuriated him more & he had no choice but to shame this naughty girl into admitting what she had done… you will find what she did in this varied 20 minute school spanking punishment session.

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