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Dahlia’s Bedtime Spanking

Bratty and very naughty Dahlia endures a very painful and humiliating bare bottom spanking from her strict Daddy.

Firm Hand and solid hairbrush turn her bum BRIGHT ROSY HOT RED!!!

“Noooooooo Daddy Nooooo,It hurts Sooooo Much!!!”

Dahlia was called to her father’s room at bedtime. She pretended not to know why she was summoned and hoped that being extra cute would spare her the punishment. Her father was aware that she knew why she was there as she was dressed in just her bra and panties the way she was required to be for her spanking. When she saw that her father was in possession of a hairbrush, she wanted to run away. She admitted that she deserved her punishment as she fearfully went over her father’s lap. Dad placed the hairbrush in Dahlia’s hand and instructed her to hand it to him when he requested it. Then, her panties were lowered in preparation for her spanking. As her father’s hand landed hard upon Dahlia’s bare bottom a loud scream of “DADDY” could be heard throughout the house.

Dahlia pleaded with her father and promised to be a good girl as the hairbrush found its target time after time. After a while, she was stood up and believed her punishment over. Instead, she was made to stick out her bottom and take several more whacks with the hairbrush as her father chastised her for her bad behavior.


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