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Naughty Maddy Marks awaiting punishment with The London Tanner Grandma Slipper Paddle.Such a evil paddle!!!!

Her soft and perky smackable bare bottom cheeks are looking bright BRIGHT red and tender all over.


Such a large evil wooden Paddle for a delicate little soft and perky bottom.

Chrissy Marie looks tempting,Such a naughty little sweet tease.

A unforgiving solid wooden hairbrush reddens Chrissy’s soft bottom cheeks.

The delightful sting gets her attention!

A bottom stinigng and burning red all over after punishment.

Such a naughty sight,Rosy red freshly smacked cheeks and exposed pussy on display for daddy.

“I will be a good Girl Daddy”

Daddys Girl Chrissy Sleeps best with a freshly Spanked Bottom.

Dont we all.

Chrissy Marie seductively shows of her pretty curves in matching red bra and panties. Waiting for him to enter and put her to bed her favorite way- with a nice warm spanked bottom. Over the edge of the bed, his big hand smacks her pretty bouncing bottom bright red. Her face displays her enjoyments at having her bottom warmed at bedtime. She is instructed to remove her bra and she cant wait for him to pull her panties down.

Daddys large hand feels sooooooo good Hard against her throbbing bottom,Oh Yes Daddy!

A well spanked bottom as red as can be,OUCH!

Daddys leather belt hurts sooooooooooooooooooooo BAD!!!!

Exposed bare pussy and soft smackable bottom cheeks vulnerable for strict punishment.

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Pandora looks like a spankable dream in this erotic and beautiful Victorian Spanking Scene.The pretty girl endures cane and strap across her glorious round and soft bottom.

Nervously, she waits. She’s been told that he’s a distinguised gent; a good customer. The madame has warned her that he’s a particular favourite, and she’s expected to please him. So she’s done her hair in ribbons, and tied her corset up as tight as it will go. Mrs Slater tested her, and told her she has promise. But she must impress him if she’s to keep a roof over her head.

He’s younger than she expected: a trim beard, eyes that glint in the candlelight. Open at the collar, his white shirt parts to reveal dark, curling hair. He leans back to look at her, his gaze raking over her body. She gazes back at him unafraid. She’s curious to meet this favourite customer – he sounds like an odd one. She likes odd ones.

He’s taking his time, which makes her feel restless. Why don’t they get down to business – doesn’t he find her attractive? But from the glitter in his eyes, it seems clear that he does.

He begins to give her instructions. Obedient, she stands up; bends over until the white cotton of her bloomers is stretched taut over her round buttocks. She wiggles, smiling as she hears him move, and feels his hands on her. She knew she could get him interested.

When he bids her lift her petticoat to reveal her cunt, naked under the skirts, she thinks she knows what’s coming next. So when he pulls her across his lap, she’s surprised. She dangles there, bottom upturned, feeling exquisitely exposed. The sting as he brings the flat of his hand down across her rump is more embarrassing than painful.

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Once her bottom is pinkened to his liking, he has her stand and bend over again, this time with her petticoats lifted, her bottom bared to the kiss of the night air. It’s still a little striped from when the madame tested her. Mrs Slater told her he wouldn’t mind that; he likes the marks.

True enough, her bottom seems to meet with his approval, but he isn’t satisfied until he’s left his own mark on it. First a leather paddle that sends the breath out of her with every slap. Then, when her buttocks are already throbbing, he lays a long cane across them. Every swish of it makes her heart stop, and when it lands it burns lines of fire into her, making her yelp.

Only after he’s welted her bottom to his satisfaction does he sit back, telling her to keep her skirts raised. He bids her turn around slowly, watching her with pleasure. Now she’s been punished, the exposure makes her cheeks flush as it didn’t before. It seems an age before he pulls her onto his lap, and finally proceeds to touch her in more familiar ways…

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Ami’s big round Bare bottom is covered in welts that hurt oh so bad after a punishment caning she will never ever forget for the rest of her life.

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Ami is in huge trouble,naked and vulnerable the naughty brat bends over and sticks out her ever so bouncy nice big and very plump bum for painful strokes with a cane.

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It hurts and stings and burns sooooooooooooo much!

The cane is to be feared!

spanked bratsAmi could hear Audrey’s screams emanating from down the hall as she suffered through her twenty-five stokes. Even so, she was shocked at the state for her tearful friend’s bottom upon her return to the bench. When her name was called, the naked girl could barely make her legs move, knowing the torment that awaited. Once she arrived, her disciplinarian provided instruction and bent her over the chair and delivered the first stroke that caused the girl to let out with a loud shriek. This was but the first of twenty-five stokes.

Ami could but cry as each hard stoke landed upon her bottom, leaving nasty welts in their wake. Once the twenty-fifth stoke was applied, Ami, naked and with tears in her eyes, was made to apologize to the Malaysian people for violating their law. Then, she was sent back to the bench to join her friends.

It is hard for Ami to watch her 2 friends receive canings before her knowing she will be receiving the same severe punishment.

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