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I love love LOVE this video from Punished brats.Lorraine and Juliet are so extra cute getting very hard hand spanks across spankable round bottoms.Watching their red bottoms pressed together getting slapped and bouncing about download



Hard and fast furious hand smacks from strict dad make her squirm like mad.


Stern daddy goes to town across her ever so deeply reddening bottom.

It hurts sooooooooooooooooo BAD!cute-spanking




Juilet’s daddy smacked bum is red as a fire engine.

Spanking is a family affair in this hard hitting spanking drama featuring juliet Valentina, Lorraine, Beverly Bacci and David Pierson. Lorraine and juliet had a wild party while their father and step mother were away. Alerted by the police, David and his young spouse return to confront the girls. Each is given a sound , bare bottom spanking. Beverly prepares them by removing their panties , Lorraine goes over her dad’s lap first as juliet looks on in horror, awaiting her turn.

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Strict Step Mom and Dad wallop the 2 naughty sisters butts side by side Making them redder and redder together.


SMACK SMACK SMACK,Waaaaaaaaa Please stop it daddy!!!!!,Noooooo it hurts too much Mummy!

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“we will never be naughty again,never never never!!!!!”

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Naughty little bratty sisters Juliet and Lorraine rub their sore,tender,throbbing,very very ultra red bottoms better after a serious punishment hand spanking on bare bottoms from Dad and Step Mum.

*gasp* Not on the bare,So embarrassing Daddy!!!

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Emily and Jenna are waaaaaaa mummy not fair it hurts in bed after ouchy OW smackings over their mummys knees.

Mum Smacks their wriggling bums till they hurt so much as the bratty daughters squirm and kick about over her knees to the tune of smacks.

Snow Mercy plays mom to Emily Parker and Jenna Ashley (in her first ever spanking scene). The two sisters are home from college when they start fighting about who took mom’s car back in the day. Mom gets fed up with their constant bickering and when they spill her wine, the last straw, she puts them over her knee, one by one, and gives each girl an old fashioned spanking. Next morning, Snow finds out that the two sisters, Emily and Jenna, took her car back during the day without her knowledge. The angry mom gives them a second spanking for it on their already sore, spanked bottoms. After their second spanking in two days, the naughty girls spank each other in the sexy finale.

The 2 naughty girls well spanked rosy red bottoms are absolutely burning and stinging like mad.

Waaaaaaaaaaaa ouchies Mummy why did you spank us so hard *sob*

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Daddy makes his bratty girls bare bouncing over the bed butts burn and sizzle with his punishment strap and it makes them squeal and squirm about in pain.

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Waaaaaa daddieeeeeeeeee stop smacking our bums!!!!! Ouchies it hurts too much!

To conclude their punishment, each sister was strapped hard individually. Adriana was the first to feel the sting of the leather. Afterwards, the tearful big sister was sent to the corner while Mandie felt the burn from Daddy’s strap. Both were left in corner time with tears rolling down their eyes.

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 Waaaaaaaaaaa Aaaaaaaa NOT FAIR DADDY!!! we are sorry!!

Naughty sisters are bent over their bed getting their bottoms tanned by strict daddy and oh boy does it hurt!

Sisters Adriana and Mandie were happy to be home alone in the house to do as they wished while their father had to go out of town on business. As the two girls went to light up their cigarettes, their father walked in. Suddenly, the two formerly independent young women found themselves bent over the bottom of their bed dancing to the rhythm of their father’s hand and strap.

The girls cry out owwwwwwwwie as their daddy smacks their naughty bottoms bright red.

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The Contest Handspanking and 2 sisters spanked by Dad

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Bianca smacks Audrey’s big bouncy ever so round bottom looking OMG smack pow smackable in impossibly tight blue denim jeans as the bubble butt brat squirms about over her knees with each SMACK!

hot spankingIt is a spanking competition only the reddest of bottoms can win 🙂

Audrey thought that her ample bottom (with extra cushioning 😉 )gave her an advantage in the spanking contest between she and Bianca.Boy was she wrong!!!! She had underestimated the power of the tall red head.

After being spanked really darn hard with redding results by the tall redhead, Audrey realizes that this contest will be difficult to win.

The red butted girls are going to be sitting very gingerly tonight on their freshly walloped tender flaming bottoms,OUCH!

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Dad makes his naughty bratty girls cry with his leather belt as he ships their bottoms shiny red.

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Sisters Adriana and Mandie are teary eyed,sorry and very very sore after a serious punishment spanking from their father that they will never ever forget!!!!


Sisters Adriana and Mandie were happily regaling in a discussion of how the two of them terrorized the freshman girls that day. What they hadn’t counted on was that the school would contact their father about their exploits. Soon, the two bullies were bent over the couch, made to pull down their panties, and strapped to tears.

As the strap fell, time and time again, upon their sore bottoms, both sisters promised that they will never pick on the freshman girls again. The strapping continued until Adriana and Mandie were left sobbing with their red bottoms on display while kneeling on the couch.

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