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Owwwww,Ohhhhhhh Daddy it hurts too much *sob*

spanking gif 1

She squirms and wriggles as her daddy smacks her naked bottom hard with his hand,it hurts so bad!!

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Dads firm hand is relentless.

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“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.Stop daddy PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!”


Real tears stream down her pretty face as daddys hard smacks become to much to bear.

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Dadieeeeeeee please STOP!!!!! My bottom is red enough!!!!

spanking gif

Every single one of the hard smacks that land across her ever so reddening, throbbing intensely  bottom hurts more then the last.


“Ohhhhhhhhh daddy my bottom won’t stop stinging so much”2hearts


Hunter’s strict Father gives her the bright RED bottom she deserves.

Her entire bottom and even her tender sit spot is RED RED RED!!!

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A very warm Welcome to Punished Brats Spanking the very beautiful and naughty Hunter.tumblr_static_cgpvfkvi0rkgk08w8sswsoo8

Hunter was with her friends when one was caught shoplifting. Upon arriving home, she was sentenced to a bare bottom spanking despite her assertion that she had nothing to do with the theft of the expensive lipstick. She was sent to the master bedroom to await the arrival of her father, the parent who carries out the punishments for the more serious offences. Hunter’s heart sank as she entered the room to see the “punishment underwear” she was to wear for her spanking. She thought that the waiting was the hardest part of the punishment until her father arrived, her bottom was bared, and her spanking began. Soon, her cries could be heard echoing in every corner of the house.



sore ass

Hunter’s entire bottom is red and burning and stinging like absolute crazy!

A perfect traditional Father/Daughter discipline spanking!

Love it!2hearts

As her spanking progressed, with tears steaming down her eyes, Hunter promised to never put herself in such a position again and she had learned her lesson. Her father was unmoved and quietly went about the task of punishing his daughter. Once done, he dumped her from his lap and then placed the sobbing girl in bed.

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Mandie kicks and Mandie cries.

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Naked Mandie sobs after a painful and humiliating spanking from her strict and stern Mother.



Little Mandie’s Mummy goes to town on her cute bare bottom cheeks with her leather strap as the little cutie wriggles and squirms bent over the bed naked getting stinging hot smacks all across her  squirming bottom.

spankinggif2 spankinggif3

Mandie Really does not want a spanking!


“Waaaa Ahh Waaaaa Ouchies Momma!!! My bum stings too much”

Little punished Mandie’s bottom is GLOWING BRIGHT RED and too sore to touch after a fierce nude strapping bent over the bed!!

Mandie is so C-U-T-E!

Mandie had to be on time today as she had a major commercial to shoot for a Japanese firm. Instead of getting ready for this well paying job and await the arrival of her agent, Audrey, she decided to take a bath and sip wine. When Audrey stumbled upon this, at first she was panicked but decided to chill with her client and drink a little wine. When Mandie’s mother stumbled upon this scene, she was furious. She sent Audrey downstairs and pulled her starlet daughter out of the tub and into the bedroom for a strapping.

After Veronica finished strapping her now tearful daughter, she gave the little starlet ten minutes to be ready for her shoot. Now she must deal with her agent Audrey…

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The Contest Handspanking and 2 sisters spanked by Dad

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Bianca smacks Audrey’s big bouncy ever so round bottom looking OMG smack pow smackable in impossibly tight blue denim jeans as the bubble butt brat squirms about over her knees with each SMACK!

hot spankingIt is a spanking competition only the reddest of bottoms can win 🙂

Audrey thought that her ample bottom (with extra cushioning 😉 )gave her an advantage in the spanking contest between she and Bianca.Boy was she wrong!!!! She had underestimated the power of the tall red head.

After being spanked really darn hard with redding results by the tall redhead, Audrey realizes that this contest will be difficult to win.

The red butted girls are going to be sitting very gingerly tonight on their freshly walloped tender flaming bottoms,OUCH!

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Dad makes his naughty bratty girls cry with his leather belt as he ships their bottoms shiny red.

punishedbrats spanking

Sisters Adriana and Mandie are teary eyed,sorry and very very sore after a serious punishment spanking from their father that they will never ever forget!!!!


Sisters Adriana and Mandie were happily regaling in a discussion of how the two of them terrorized the freshman girls that day. What they hadn’t counted on was that the school would contact their father about their exploits. Soon, the two bullies were bent over the couch, made to pull down their panties, and strapped to tears.

As the strap fell, time and time again, upon their sore bottoms, both sisters promised that they will never pick on the freshman girls again. The strapping continued until Adriana and Mandie were left sobbing with their red bottoms on display while kneeling on the couch.

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Adriana sheds real tears as the strict headmaster bares her soft schoolgirl bottom and sets upon it with a strap setting her cheeks a glow.

spanked schoolgirl

“Ohhhhhhhh OOOoooooo Ouchy” *pout* Naughty Adriana has a mighty red bottom after rapid fire smacks with a strap!

schoolgirl spankedAdriana has had a rough two weeks. Sincethrowing a tantrum at home and disrespecting her mother she has suffered the indignities of being required to dress as a little girl and subjected to many bare bottom spankings. In many ways school has been a respite from her daily humiliations. At first, she had feared the someone would see the frilly panties she was required to wear beneath her uniform, but she has been able to keep this a secret. Unfortunately, she was summoned to Headmaster Valentine’s office for cutting class. She had done this many times before and would receive a few days in detention. Today, much to the chagrin of Adriana, the headmaster decided to use corporal punishment as punishment for this repeated offence. She was required to bend over the library stairs for a punishment with the strap-paddle. Upon raising her skirt the headmaster was shocked to see Adriana’s frilly undies. Wishing she could disappear, so great was her embarrassment, Adriana had to explain that she was being punished by her mother and the little girl underwear was required. The Headmaster noted that the frills on her panties provided too much protection and her punishment would be applied to her bare bottom. As the implement landed on her naked bottom all Adriana could do was cry.


Naughty little schoolgirl Adriana sobs as she looks back and takes a peek at her reddened bottom,OUCHY!

Adriana’s tears flowed as the Headmaster continued to punish her bare bottom with the strap paddle. She pleaded for him to stop and promised never to cut class again. Once her spanking was finished, Adriana was placed in the corner with her bare bottom on display. Adriana was overwhelmed by a sense of abject humiliation.

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Little Mandie Rae bends over the ladder with her perky bottom exposed for the harsh spanking of a life time.Every spank that lands across her tiny bottom is hard and makes her bum super RED!


Mandie Rae clutches her well spanked ass and parts her flaming red ass cheeks revealing her pretty pussy! What a naughty sight indeed!

rubbing sore bottom up and down-flaming red ass

Rubbing her flaming red sore         bottom all better!

It was the final session of her three day sentence at Discipline Camp. Mandie entered the punishment room filled with fear and based on her prior two visits to this place of punishment, she had cause. As she entered she expected to see Mr. Pierson, her court assigned disciplinarian, with some large implement. Instead, she found him holding a small plastic object. “How bad could that be?” she thought. Mr. Pierson instructed her to remove all clothing below her waist and bend over the stairs. Soon, she learned just how badly a small implement could hurt, and how it fit into the smallest of creases. Mr. Pierson soon had Mandie sobbing as he applied both the small object of punishment and his hands to her bottom and thighs. He did not neglect the inner aspects of her thighs, an area of the body that is exceedingly sensitive .


                    Red bottom and thighs

As Mr. Pierson plies his trade, spanking the brat’s bottom, thighs and other creases, all Mandie could do was cry and promise to be good. After her punishment was over Mandie was made to stand against the wall and the results of her discipline was broadcast to the public as a warning. With her red bottom and legs on display to the public, Mandie apologized for not being a better citizen in the brave new world in which she lived.

Mandie spanked legs look very tender,hot and sore!



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