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Welcome to the Lowood Riding School

Young Ladies love riding horses but discipline is very important when dealing with animals such as horses.

The girls know that the rules are very very strict and that riding crops are not only used when riding but can sting their bottoms as well

The uniforms the girls wear are all authentic proper riding clothes, boots and caps

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“Come her and get yourself comfy over my knee”

spanking gif

The naughty girls bend over in tight white Jodhpurs sticking out their smackable bums for whippings with the crop.

The girls Ivey and Jolene both wanted to ride Charlie this Sunday afternoon and they got into an argument in the stables.
The Principal Mr. Johnson heard about it and was forced to leave his barbeque to deal with them. Once in his office he told them that teamwork is vital at Lowoods so the girls were forced to use their own crops on each other after which they felt the proper sting of their crops administered by Mr. Johnson.


riding crop spanking riding school spanking spankings tight pants spanking whipping hand spanking over his knee for a spanking spanked toghtere his hand hurts my ass spank smack mf spanking mf spankings

Their tight pants trap all the heat on their red hot bottoms.

gif spanking

Solid,smarting,punishment hand wallops will teach them to behave!!!

spanking gifs

After feeling the sting of their own riding crops on their bottoms. Mr. Johnson put each girl over his knee and gave them both a very sore red bottom under their tight riding pants. They would feel the warmth and hurt everytime their bottoms make contact with the saddle on Charlie.


mf spanking spanking spankings hard spanking otk hand spanking real spanking bare butt

The spankings huts their bottoms incredibly!!!

spanking gif

The pants  offer some protection before being pulled down so a firm hand can be applied to a red bare butt!


Little snobish riding girl Jentina took Raven out for a run and she put him back as is in his Padock thinking someone else will dry and feed him. That is not how things work at the Lowood School as she was soon finding out begging for forgiveness across the owner’s knee.


riding school in trouble pants whipping bent spanking pants spanking bare butt spanking bare bottom bare bottom spanking spanked

The riding crop whippings sting like crazy!!

gif spanking


gif spankings

Little snobish riding girl Jentina did not dry Raven sufficiently and he was not fed after his run. The owner checked and confronted her in the Stables. She was soon dragged back to the office where her own Riding Crop had very painfull things to say to her bottom.

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Naughty Audrey is big round peachy bottom naked and bouncing about to the tune of firm smacks over Mr King’s lap turning bright red.

spank gif

Ooooooh this is so embarrassing and my poor butt stings like crazy!!!!



Audrey was shocked when Dominic King, the top financial administrator for the firm asked to see her immediately. It turned out that he wanted to address the issue of how one of her managers had provided her boyfriend with information about an IPO and his subsequent investment. The partners all agreed that Audrey’s unique solution to the problem saved the firm millions. It was also decided that as Audrey was the manager of that division she should have been more on top of the matter. The powerful financial expert could agree to take a spanking for her neglect or she could say goodbye to her six figure salary. Feeling completely humiliated, she took the spanking.

Audrey was at first too stunned to react to being over her supervisor’s lap, but soon the pain of the leather paddle got the reaction that Mr. King was hoping for. It was all Audrey could do to contain herself when her panties were lowered for an even more humiliating punishment. After the spanking was over, Audrey promised to oversee IPO process more carefully. Once Mr. King left, Audrey was left feeling both humiliated and aroused.

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Curvy Cheer girl Ami is glorious bottom naked and bouncing about over her daddys knees to the tune of painful hand smacks.


Her round bum wobbles and bounces about with each solid pounding SMACK!


Red,sore and throbbing like mad!!!

spanked hard


spanked hard by daddy

Ami’s smackable,slappable,grabable very very spankable bottom is super bright red.

dad spanks daughter

Ami clutches her bottom which will be sore for days.

daddy daughtre spanking

Ami is going to struggle to sit down on her disciplined,swollen red bum.

spanked father faughter

Waaaaaaaa NOT fair daddy,why oh why did you have to spank me so hard,Owwwwww.

WHOA!!!! OW OW WOW OUCH!!!! Ami’s big spankable soft bare bottom is red raw after a blistering serious spanking punishment from her strict Father.

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Daddys hand feels like a million bee stings st once.


Waaaaaa Daddy please,PLEASE STOP!!!!

Ami’s ever so round smackable soft bum is red raw after a bottom bruising spanking over her fathers lap.

Ami had been out way past curfew, attending a cheerleader party with her friends. She was due home by midnight but did not come home until 2am. She found her worried and now irritated father waiting for her. She did not pick up her cell or call to inform him of her lateness. The cheerleader found herself over her father’s lap for the second time that week.

Ami was spanked until she tearfully promised not to violate her curfew. Then to her mortification, she was made to stand in the corner with her sore, red bottom on display.


Tears and a red bottom after a proper punishment spanking she will soon not forget.

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