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Bare bottom spanking and strapping for Laurel Brooks for disrespect

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Laurel Brooks pants are down revealing her bright shiny red well punished butt cheeks as she faces the wall.

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A pretty sorority girl’s bare bottom bounces and jiggles as she’s spanked and strapped in Sorority Sisters. Laurel Brooks has a red, sore bottom after Alison Miller hauls her over the knee for a spanking before kneeling on the sofa, legs apart, butt out for two leather straps across both jutting cheeks. “I’m sorry!” wails Laurel. Hot slow-mo replay!

A hard spanking for a naughty girl.

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Veronica’s paddled bottom is scarlet red and burning immensely!She won’t be sitting down on her swollen red bum for a week at least!

Miss Snow (Snow Mercy) calls Veronica into her office to talk to her about becoming the new sorority leader. But Veronica lacks discipline. So Snow teaches Veronica a valuable lesson first over her knee, then bent over her desk with a hard wooden yardstick and finally with the large pledge paddle. Veronica learns a valuable lesson that leaves her bottom bright red and bruised for days.

Veronica must bend over and stick out her already sore and hot red bottom for Miss Snow for swats with the solid paddle,her bubble butt is now aching cherry redness!

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