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Spanked & Strapped Hard by Stepdad

Bottom bare and exposed for the mean strap!

Ten’s curvy round bottom is on fire and stinging really badly after a lashing of spanks with MEAN Implement.

Down with your panties naughty girl,It is time for your spanking!

Very fast and hard,stinging hand smacks turn her bare bum cheeks bright red.


Ten Amorette stars in this latest schoolgirl spanking movie. She is about to receive a very hard, humiliating hand spanking and leather strapping. Her stepdad, John Osborne, was called to come pick her up from the school educational trip and take her home from where they were all staying overnight. This was a 300 mile round trip for him and he was angry that she had let down her school, herself, her mother and himself. She wouldn’t admit to her behaviour at first (but those who will view the full film are able to find out what she did to warrant sending her home immediately). Stepdad had brought with him a leather strap that they used at home and he wastes no time telling her she is going to get a hard spanking and strapping to make the journey home as uncomfortable as possible for her! Ten is embarrassed that he is spanking her on her bare bottom, her panties pulled down whilst still in her school uniform. Spanking her over his lap is just the start as he finishes with a relentless strapping of her sore red bottom, bared and bending over. She takes her punishment, close to tears and when he knows she is feeling totally humiliated… tells her to get ready for the long ride home. Just wait until her mother finds out!

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Stepmother Takes Charge

Hot as Hell Step Mum Christina  gives her naughty little cutie pie daughter a super wicked bare ass spanking till her perky bare ass cheeks are throbbing and a super HAWT Red!!! Ouchy

Very naughty and bratty little Chrissy h has earned a extremely hard punishment,bare bottom spanking

Chrissy  kicks and cries across Momma’s lap as her once white bottom is smacked a crimson red!!

A deep hot red hairbushed bottom for a naughty little girl!!!


Chrissy doesn’t feel that she needs to give her new stepmother respect since she is not her real mother. Well, Chrissy is in for a surprise when her stepmother, Christina, decides that it is time that this sassy rude brat learns her lesson the hard way. She takes her step daughter over her lap for a long over due hand and hair brush spanking.


Miss Audrey Spanked by a Teen

Naughty spankable teacher Audrey has a big round,sore red bottom to rub all better after a solid,stinging revenge hand spanking punishment.


A hard humiliating hand smacking for a ever so bouncy plump bare ass!!!

Mari never could get over the spanking she suffered at the hands and paddle of Miss Audrey. Planning her revenge, she found pictures that the principal had taken a year or two before in which Miss Audrey was naked. Mari presented Audrey with two options: Either she accept a hard spanking from her, or the pictures would be released to the school’s Board of Governors. Audrey agreed to the spanking.

As head of the student council, Mari found her punishment severely humiliating as well as physically painful. She enjoyed giving her principal a hard spanking and the way each spank made her kick, cry, and wiggle. After her spanking, Miss Audrey was placed in the corner with her bottom on display as Mari observed, enjoying her handiwork.

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Stevie Spanks Elori for Not Doing Laundry

Adorable little brat Elori is perky bum bare and wriggling across Sorority Sister Stevie’s lap getting a really hard spanking.

The naughty young miss has a rosy red bottom in no time!!!

Stevie Rose is a no non-sense sorority girl who is very strict when it comes to the chores. And when she finds out that Elori Stix skipped her turn to do the laundry, she puts the naughty little lady with the curvy bottom over her knee for a hard spanking, using her hand, then a wooden hairbrush that leaves marks all over the squirmy Elori’s bottom.Hawt and Hard.

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Ashley squirms as her bare vulnerable bum cheeks feel the hot and painful sting of daddys firm,strong hand over and over again till her perky,naughty bottom is all rosy red and sore.

Ashley Lane is a beautiful blonde sweetie who was spanked by her mom and dad growing up in real life .

Ashley’s mom is played by Clare Fonda and a dad spanking is also re-enacted.(more here)

Ashley gives an outstanding interview (and Clare coaches her how to spank) as she really gets into the nuts and bolts of spanking.

The pretty young girl is hand slapped accross her pretty ass till cheeks are tingling accross daddys lap~

Sweet Ashley Lane is a new spanking model who Loves Spanking and enjoys spanking in her personal life!

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