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Nikki makes her naughty mummy strip and get over her knees for a bare bottom blistering.

Nikki gives her naughty mummy Clare Fonda a sore red well spanked ass!

It is only fair,Clare spanked her butt 🙂

This is Pretty Nikki Knightly’s first ever spanking shoot, but she was spanked regularly growing up in real life which she shares in her spanking interview.

Nikki is funny, energetic and these spankings we re-enacted really hurt her (be sure to check out the outtakes). Clare Fonda plays her strict  mom and  she even spanks her mom who gives all Nikki can take (and more).

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Violet’s Punishment – Morning

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Strict Step Mum Clare pulls her step daughter Violet’s pink panties down for an unobstructed view of her already shiny pink bottom,then its more hard hand smacks and a dose of the hairbrush.

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Little Miss Violet October possesses a really surprising pain tolerance for her dainty size zero proportions.

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Naughty step daughter  Violet hollers and squirms as her Stern Strict Step Mum uses a firm hand to add a red shine to her bare bottom cheeks.

Violet October is a slacker young lady who has a new strict stepmom who will not tolerate Violet’s bad habits. Clare wakes Violet up, pulls her out of bed and gives her a spanking right over her knee, turning the tiny girl’s bottom bright red using her hand and a hairbrush. Clare explains that Violet can expect a spanking morning, noon and night for the next three days to improve her behavior.

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A Good Spanking with her Step Mothers hairbrush

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Adriana’s jeans trap the heat that is building up quickly all over her bottom which is receiving a good hard spanking.

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Naughty step daughter Adriana hollers and squirms as her Stern Strict Step Mum uses a solid hairbrush to add a red shine to her bare bottom cheeks.


Every swat of the brush feels like a bad bee sting and turns her soft naughty butt redder and redder till her butt is so extremely hot and sore she just simply must rub it up and down to make it feel better.

A solid no nonsense bare bottom spanking over her step mothers knees till she is sorry and sore is just what the doctor ordered for this very naughty little miss.

Bianca went back to check on Adriana when she witnessed some of her stepdaughter’s self spanking activity. A furious Bianca took the girl who recently failed out of school over her knee for a hard spanking with the hairbrush.

Bianca spanked Adriana very hard with the hairbrush, stopping on occasion to chastise her for the colossal waste of money that failing out of college to gain attention is. After her spanking was over, Adriana was made to sit on the hard bench with her bare, well-spanked bottom placed firmly on the hard wood.

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How very humiliating! Audrey’s step daughter gets her sweet revenge when her step Mother goes over her lap for a punishment spanking in a sinfully tight skirt.


So Very jiggly 🙂


Ami enjoys making her step mummy squirm as she hand smacks her plumplicious bottom hard with her hand over skirt,over panties and then all over her step Mums round bare butt.

Ami decides her step mums butt is not red enough after lots of firm hand smacks so step mum must bend over and stick out her rosy red cheeks for a dose of the paddle.

After her conflict with her stepdaughter Ami, Audrey thought it best if the brat moved out. There was no way that Ami was going to move into a college dorm while Audrey lived in the lap of luxury. Ami let it be known the she was aware that she and Mr. Jones “got a thing going on.” Audrey did not want her husband to find out, so she allowed her stepdaughter to spank her. The punishment started over her tight black skirt, then upon her cute purple panties and then, much to Audrey’s mortification, her bare bottom.
After Ami finished spanking her stepmother, Audrey was made to bend over the back of the sofa and her bare bottom was punished with the paddle. With each blow, Audrey was made to profess her love for Mr. Adam’s (Ami’s boss) large dark phallus.

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Ami is big bottom totally bare and vulnerable over her step-mothers knees getting a good a proper discipline spanking.

Audrey, a pillar of the society, was shocked to hear her step-daughter Ami on the phone and speaking with great admiration of her bosses large, dark-hued phallus. Audrey was even more upset when she saw that Ami’s boss had sent her a photograph of said phallus and that Ami was almost mesmerized by it. Unwilling to have such smut in her house, she took Ami over her knee for a spanking while requiring the girl to keep her eyes on the photograph while she received her punishment.

After Audrey had completed Ami’s hand spanking, she decided that she required more discipline to drive the lesson home. She had her bend over the couch for a paddling. With each whack, Ami needed to say that she would not lust after her boss’ large male organ, or words to that effect.

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