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“Noooooooooooo Please Mummy!!!!! Nooooooooooo,Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwie”

Bianca’s stict Mother pulls down her little panties takes her across her knees then spanks her totally naked exposed bottom very hard with her firm hand till her daughters squirming bare cheeks burn cherry red HOT!!!!

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Episode 1: Senior Skip Day

Bianca took part in the annual senior skip day, in which many of the girls in the senior class skipped school and spent the day at the mall. Most of the girls went home knowing that they were caught but many of their parents would either laugh it off as a ritual of passage or at worst, give their daughters a good talking to. Such is not the case at Biancas house. When she deserves a punishment it is delivered by a hard spanking to her bare bottom. In ritual fashion, Bianca is made to face her mother, lift her skirt, and her panties were slowly lowered to make her feel the humiliation of being exposed. Soon, embarrassment is the least of her concerns as she is taken over her mother’s lap for her punishment. Her tears flowed as she begged her mother for forgiveness. Bianca found herself reacting as a bad little girl to her bare bottom spanking by crying and begging her mommy to stop. After her spanking was over, and promising never to behave this way again, Bianca was placed in the corner with her red bottom on display to consider the consequences of her actions.

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Bianca’s warm soapy wet bottom is spanked dry:) AMAZING!!!

Her strict Mother spanks her pretty exposed naked bottom cheeks furiously making them a deep burning hot RED!!!

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Gorgeous Bianca’s ripe ass is OH SO VERY RED!

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Episode 2: Tears Of A Clown

After a hard day at school, Bianca decides to take a relaxing bubble bath. She was shocked when her mother came in to confront her about being rude to teacher. During a discussion of the Civil War, she asked her teacher what side she fought on? She noted that it was just a joke, but it was a joke neither her teacher or mom found funny. She was pulled from the tub and spanked on her wet, soapy bottom with a bath brush. Bianca, through her tears promised never to disrespect any of her teachers again, but her mother continued to spank her with the bath brush until she felt the lesson was learned. Just as Bianca thought her torment was over, Bianca’s mother began rubbing her sore bottom with the bristles of the bath brush causing the
bratty girl to shout in pain. Then Bianca was made to stand naked in the corner of the bathroom. She was cold and filled with shame and remorse.

WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Bianca’s tough mom swats her naked ass cheeks deep scorching RED RED RED with a big heavy brush as the naughty daughter bends over dripping wet against the bath completely naked.

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Gorgeous Bianca’s ripe mummy spanked ass is OH SO VERY RED!Mummy will make little madam’s soft botty sting a lot with a hard unforgiving hand spanking.

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Her strict Mother spanks her pretty exposed naked bottom cheeks furiously making them a deep burning hot RED!!!

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Episode 3: Waiting Is The Hardest Part.
Despite being grounded, Bianca snuck out to be with her boyfriend. When she arrived home she found her mother waiting for her. Bianca was instructed to go to her mother’s bedroom, strip to her bra and panties, and wait for her spanking. At first, Bianca thought the stress of waiting was the worst part of her punishment; then the spanking on her bare bottom began. Her opinion rapidly changed. As her mother spanked her bare bottom, Bianca promised never to defy her again no matter how much she needed to see her boyfriend. Once her spanking was at an end, Bianca was instructed to stay in the room, compose herself and then go to bed. After her mother left the room, the naughty brat found herself both horrified and fascinated at the damage inflicted to her bottom.


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Little Kajira’s Spanking

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Waaaaaaaaaaah,Boo Hoo mummieee my bum hurts so much!!!

Mummy gives her bare bum a spanking that turns her cheeks a painful red.

Oooooh Waaaaaaaaaaaaa Ahhhhhhhh Owwwwwwwww .

Little naughty girl Kajira kicks,cries and wriggles about as her pert little bottom is set upon by hard Hair brush smacks.

The naughty lil girl is soooooooooo cute!

spanked in pajamas

Little and naughty Kajira’s bottom is blushy smacked red after a dose of mums to be feared hairbrush.


OMG!!! Not on the bare, *gasp* please stop,this is so embarrassing.cute-spanking

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In this classic age play film, Kajira has been a very naughty little girl. Mommy specifically forbid her to go to the big yard sale down the street and she did anyway. She had a neighbor kid take her and she got a big rocking horse. Mommy was disgusted as this was filthy and was brought into their home. Kajira lies to mommy about where she got it and puts up a fight when it was taken away. Mommy is very upset and takes her daughter over the knee to be spanked on her cute drop seat pajamas and then on the bare bottom. This little naughty girl also earns herself mommy’s wooden hairbrush across her already sore spanked bottom. By the end of her punishment, Kajira is promising to be a good girl and listen to mommy and never lie again.





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Momma  goes to town on her daughter bum smacking her perky cheeks hot blushing rosy pink.First over tight and tiny blue shorts,then over panties and finally all over her perky bare bottom cheeks till they are blushy red.

Mummy  spanks her bratty Miss whole heatedly.

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Spirit Sanctus

Spirit Sanctus is a tall, curvy bottomed dancer who has never shot any spanking scenes but had some great stories about being spanked by her young mom (played by Emily Parker) growing up and also she takes a birthday spanking since we shot her on that day.

A super ouhcy OW RED BUTT CHEEKS spanking from Her strict Mummy indeed.

Waaaaah Momma my bottom hurt too bad!!!

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Waaaaaaaaaa Please Noooooo Mummy,NOT in front of My Friend,Waaaaaaaaa its so embarrassing~~~~

yasmine-deleonPoor naughty little girl Yasmin gets a wicked hard spanking from her strict no nonsense Momma while her friend is at her house and knows what is happening,GASP,So humiliating!!!

Yasmin gets her full round curvy bum walloped hard by her mother as she squirms and cries with each burning mean smack!!

Yasmin deLeon is a super sexy lady with a curvy bottom who was spanked often by her mom in real life growing up. She shares some of those experiences and one is re-enacted with Lana Miller as mom and Chanell Heart playing her friend who was at her house during one spanking.

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Alex You have mosts certainly been a very  VERY bad girl!!!! Over my knees at once naughty Brat!!! *chop chop*

*POUT* Yes Mummy *gasp*

spanking gif 1

Pink Panties yanked down around her knees,big bouncy vulnerable round bottom exposed and a firm hand applied repeatedly turning her cheeks bright red.

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Fast,unforgiving leather paddle swats sting like mad!!!!! “owwwwwwwww,ohhhhhh owieeeeee”

spanking gif 4


Daddy’s little girl, Alex Reynolds, had an arrangement at home that if she followed the House Rules and did well at school then she could wear any of her cute clothes and accessories. Her Mother (played by Chelsea Pffeiffer) thought this wasn’t a good idea at the time as it wasn’t her idea. Soon enough, Alex got lazy and thought she had a right to do as she wanted and the final straw was the below expected mid term reports. Mommy was very disappointed with Alex and made her take off all of the privileged items of clothing she had on whilst giving her a humiliating punishment she wouldn’t forget. Alex’s bottom was bared and given a thorough spanking before enduring some of the discipline implements that she hated the most. These were the hard wooden paddle, hairbrush and a leather strap that stung and brought her to tears. Alex didn’t feel very special or cute without her favorite clothing and now she would have to earn that right, in time, to wear her choices again.

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Mommy’s Rebellious Brat goes over her knee for a bare bottom spanking

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Sarah is SUCH A BRAT!!!! Naughty butt bare and squirming over mummys knees as she smacks it nice and hard and fast and firm till her daughter entire bum is roasting RED!!!

Waaaaaaaaaaah No Mummy Noooooooooooo Please stop I will do anything owwwwwwwwwww.

Raising a rebellious brat can be quite a chore and the only way to control her and change her snotty attitude is with a bare bottom spanking. Sarah pushes Mommy’s limits with her choice of sexy clothes, slutty make-up all over her face, and a smart mouth. She gets her face slapped then over her knee for a bare bottom spanking.

Mum smacks hard and she smacks like she means it!!! A serious no nonsense old fashioned over the knee naughty girl spanking for Sarah.

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Stern Mother spanking her daughter in a humiliating and revealing position

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Little Rosy Ann is plump butt cheeks bare,pussy exposed legs up and over her head for a painful and humiliating spanking.

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SMACK SMACK SMACK!!! Hard hairbrush wallops burn like crazy!!

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Waaaaaaaa Mummieeeeeee please don’t spank my thighs,Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

spanking gif 1

Strict Mum delivers no nonsense to the point hard hairbrush smacks,over and over and over again till little Rosie can not stand the pain.

spanking gif 3

There is no hiding Rosie’s Pussy in this position,as her mum swats her naked bottom cheeks, her pussy lips are on full display,very embarrassing for the naughty girl.

Rosie’s vulnerable bottom turns cherry red from Stern Mothers solid hairbrush which she delivers painfully strict against her daughters poor bottom.

Rosy Ann has the mother from hell. More concerned with the impact on her social diary than Rosy or her little brother (Monty)’s welfare, Jessica shows her frustration by smacking Rosy’s bottom, followed by an application of the hairbrush in an embarrassing legs-up position. Rosy wishes she were an orphan.

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Gorgeous Erica’s naked bottom is burning deep roasting red after a very hard spanking punishment.

Many of Joelle’s colleagues believed that she was thinking with an organ other than her brain when she selected Erica for this assignment. Joelle was perplexed by this herself. As she spanked the ill-behaved model, in many ways she seemed to be pleased in providing this act of discipline.

After the painful bare bottom spanking was over Joelle decided to shoot the spanked model in the nude. All would see that she was spanked and all would see her bright red bottom!!!.*gasp*

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Naughty Penny’s big spankable bottom is set upon with a wicked leather belt making her bouncy round cheeks stinging red

It was 4 am when Penny arrived home much to the consternation of her governess Veronica. When asked where she had been, the Punk Princess replied “I was at an art exhibit in which the artist used only metal from fatal car crashes.” Reminding Penny of her curfew, Veronica removed Penny’s studded belt and bent the brat over her father’s library stairs, lowered her pants and panties, and began strapping her with her own belt. Penny could only squirm and promise not to do it again.

The belt came down across her perky plump cheeks hard making them very red indeed!

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Little cute Mandie’s little bottom is simply smarting after being punished by her mummy.

Mandie’s mother couldn’t have arrived home at a worse time. Mandie had secretly watched one of her father’s (Scott) spanking DVDs. Just as she was in the midst of pleasuring herself, in walked her mom. Mom was not at all pleased and thought that if her daughter enjoys watching spanking, perhaps she needed to experience it in reality. Mandie’s mom took a hairbrush to the seat of her daughter’s jeans. After several swats, much to mandie’s humiliation, she was required to stand and take down her pants. With less protection the hairbrush hurt much more. Suddenly, Mandie’s mom grabbed her daughter’s panties and started to lower them. Mandie tried to stop her but her hand was slapped away and now her punishment continued on her red, exposed bottom.

As the hairbrush smacks her bare bottom over and over again, Mandie quickly discerns the difference between a titillating fantasy and the reality of hard corporal punishment. She begged her mother to stop but her punishment continued until it was clear that the lesson had been learned. Following the spanking, Mandie’s mother placed the bratty girl in the corner with her red bottom on display. Then mom went to find her husband, as it was his spanking video that Mandie had been watching. A loud “Scott” was heard reverberating throughout the house.

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Nikki is a model notorious for being late and with a bad attitude to match. Being as she and Nikki had been friends in the past, the legendary photographer Julie Simone hired her for an early morning shoot. Nikki showed up hours late, as is her way. Nikki was found to be worried as Julie returned to the studio from going out for coffee. Nikki apologized for being late, but Julie wasn’t impressed. “What was it this time? your goldfish died?” Julie asked. Julie decided to press on with the shoot and instructed the model to prepare for the shoot a series of nudes. When a naked Nikki returned to the studio she quickly found herself over the photographer’s lap for a very hard spanking.

Julie gives the naughty brats big fleshy bottom one hell of a hard hand spanking turning her bouncy big butt cheeks burning scarlet red.

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Little Mandie Rae looks super cute in short shorts.

                                                                   Little Mandie Rae looks super cute in short shorts.

Down with your shorts naughty little Miss.

                                                                       Down with your shorts naughty little Miss.

The panties must come down too:)

                                                                                 The panties must come down too:)

Pixie Amber wells takes a leather paddle to Mandie's bare bottom.

                                                Pixie Amber wells takes a leather paddle to Mandie’s bare bottom.

Pixie makes her lil bum sting like mad!

                                                                              Pixie makes her lil bum sting like mad!

The hairbrush lands with a SMACK!

                                                                              The hairbrush lands with a SMACK!

Pixie enjoys makeing the naughty brats squirm across her knees with lots of firm smacks.

                                   Pixie enjoys making the naughty brats squirm across her knees with lots of firm smacks.

“Nooooo Momma Nooooo,it hurts so much!!!!”

Mandie had always been such a good girl that it came as a shock to her mother that her well behaved daughter would say unkind things to Mary, the nice girl who lived next door. Mary’s mother was most upset and brought the matter to her friend, Amber. Mandie’s mom assured Mary’s that she would get to the seat of the matter. After chastising Mandie for being rude and nasty to Mary, she informed her daughter that she was to be spanked. Mandie replied, “No, it’s gonna hurt!” Mandie’s stern, but loving, mother noted that such was the desired result and that it was for her own good. Amber spanked her daughter with a hair brush over she shorts, then her panties and then her bare bottom. As Mandie’s panties were lowerd, she pleaded that she not be so humiliated. Amber replied, “A spanking is never complete until it is done upon the bare bottom.”

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