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Miss Audrey Spanked by a Teen

Naughty spankable teacher Audrey has a big round,sore red bottom to rub all better after a solid,stinging revenge hand spanking punishment.


A hard humiliating hand smacking for a ever so bouncy plump bare ass!!!

Mari never could get over the spanking she suffered at the hands and paddle of Miss Audrey. Planning her revenge, she found pictures that the principal had taken a year or two before in which Miss Audrey was naked. Mari presented Audrey with two options: Either she accept a hard spanking from her, or the pictures would be released to the school’s Board of Governors. Audrey agreed to the spanking.

As head of the student council, Mari found her punishment severely humiliating as well as physically painful. She enjoyed giving her principal a hard spanking and the way each spank made her kick, cry, and wiggle. After her spanking, Miss Audrey was placed in the corner with her bottom on display as Mari observed, enjoying her handiwork.

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