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Spanked & Strapped Hard by Stepdad

Bottom bare and exposed for the mean strap!

Ten’s curvy round bottom is on fire and stinging really badly after a lashing of spanks with MEAN Implement.

Down with your panties naughty girl,It is time for your spanking!

Very fast and hard,stinging hand smacks turn her bare bum cheeks bright red.


Ten Amorette stars in this latest schoolgirl spanking movie. She is about to receive a very hard, humiliating hand spanking and leather strapping. Her stepdad, John Osborne, was called to come pick her up from the school educational trip and take her home from where they were all staying overnight. This was a 300 mile round trip for him and he was angry that she had let down her school, herself, her mother and himself. She wouldn’t admit to her behaviour at first (but those who will view the full film are able to find out what she did to warrant sending her home immediately). Stepdad had brought with him a leather strap that they used at home and he wastes no time telling her she is going to get a hard spanking and strapping to make the journey home as uncomfortable as possible for her! Ten is embarrassed that he is spanking her on her bare bottom, her panties pulled down whilst still in her school uniform. Spanking her over his lap is just the start as he finishes with a relentless strapping of her sore red bottom, bared and bending over. She takes her punishment, close to tears and when he knows she is feeling totally humiliated… tells her to get ready for the long ride home. Just wait until her mother finds out!

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Ten Enjoys using a solid hairbrush against her little sister Pandora Blake’s ever so lovely round bottom cheeks firmly.


Ten Amorette takes her responsibilities as a big sister seriously. Pandora is about to marry her brother, but Ten’s heard that her future sister-in-law is used to playing around. When they meet to discuss the seating plan for the wedding, Ten gives Pandora a warning: break her brother’s heart and risk severe punishment.

To show she’s not kidding, Ten gives her a demonstration right there and then. Pandora struggles and protests when Ten takes her over the knee for a hand spanking over her tights, but ends up taking a harsh bare bottom spanking with Ten’s wooden hairbrush.

Every smack of the brush makes Pandora’s bottom redder than the next till her entire bottom is absolutely burning.

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