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Hannah Hunt Spanked in Tight Shorts

Its hurts Hannah’s bright red bottom to much to sit down!!!

Hannah’s Mum spanks her cute ass in tight denim shorts and when her spankable bum is all sore she pulls down her panties and spanks her bare cheeks with a plastic hairbrush.

Hannah Hunt is a pro domme who was spanked growing up and talks about it in detail. One of the spankings she received from her mom (played with high energy from Bettie Bondage) is re-enacted, this one was for not doing what her mom ordered. Very nice spankings and discussion about her domme life, too.

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 Would you wish for a spanking or someone to spank if you had a wish?

Naughty Goldie gets to smack a pretty genie’s bottom all nice and shiny red but it makes the Genie mad so she ends up over the Genies knees getting her soft perky bottom buns smacked warm and stingy…..So stingy it hurts to much to sit down!

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“Ohhhhh Owwwchie “

A genie (Gigi Allens) appears to Goldie (in her first ever spanking shoot) when she rubs an old bottle.

Goldie wished that Gigi would make out with her. When Gigi admits it wasn’t her best kiss ever, Goldie’s second wish is to spank the genie on her bare bottom and what a bottom might I add .

After that wish is granted, Goldie’s last wish is that she gets everything she deserves. Easy, she deserves a spanking from the angry Genie.A spanking that will make her sweet butt sore and RED!!!

16 minutes of pink bottom smacking fun!(watch here)


Whooaaaaaa the way Gigi’s bubble butt heaven wobbles all about with each smack,Delish!

I could smack that piece of cherry pie all day!!!

Goldie looks pouty sweet smacking Gigi’s bottom and making it tingle all over:-)

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And now for a classic erotic Girl Spanks Girl spanking…. love this one!

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 Perky little yummy pink bum bums!!!

imagesOh spankalicious!!Yum Yum!!!

Sweet and sexy little over the lacy pink panties come down for naughty spanking fun with hotties Annabel and Gia.

Both cutie pie  girls enjoy warming each others wriggling little backsides nice and tingling strawberry pretty pink:)

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