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Madison Punishes Two School Girls

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Madison gets revenge on 2 naughty and very hot schoolgirls who humiliate her and give her a wedgie up her bottom.

They deserve every single,painful,stinging smack that burns their bums!


Super hot,nasty and cute!!!

The girls are going to wish they didn’t over power Madison and give her a embarrassing wedgie when Madison takes them both over her knee for a good sound spanking!

Madison Martin (such a spankable hottie) is now working as a counselor and a girl’s school. When 2 naughty school girls, Jenna Sativa and Mandy Muse (who is making her spanking debut) act up and give Madison a wedgie in her office, she spanks each girl to teach them some discipline. These two young ladies have nice round bottoms and Madison turns them red and embarrasses them as only she can.

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Schoolgirl Spankings and Wedgies

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Wedgie pulling and a firm hand applied to a sensitive schoolgirls bottom cheeks.


Cute!!!! I use to do this with a ruler lol. Kawaii_Pixel_Heart_by_lafhaha-2

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Wedgie’s and spankings a perfectly ticklish match!

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Sarah slaps Bianca’s perky tushy cheeks burning them HOT and making them blush.4gR4S

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Squirmy and stingy!

Bianca plays a naughty school girl who has been going around giving everyone wedgies because she loves to make them squirm and humiliate them. She is sent to Miss Gregory (the principal) to be dealt with. After a scolding she actually gives Miss Gregory a wedgie to show her how fun it is. Principal Gregory is not amused and quickly wedgies her and then says that is not good enough. A good over the knee spanking is in order for this naughty girl. She is spanked over her skirt, panties and then is given a wedgie so her bare bum can be spanked. She is very humiliated as she should be.

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Join in and see Sarah Gregory and her girlfriends squeal as their bottoms turn red!


Mom Spanks and Wedgies Schoolgirl Daughters

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Ouch,nasty wedgie spankings,Woo Hoo!!

When mom (Clare Fonda) discovers that her 2 daughters (Veronica Ricci and Harley Havik) were misbehaving at school and wore the incorrect panties, she teaches them a lesson by first giving them wedgies, then giving each girl a hard spanking. After she leaves, Veronica does that same to her young sister, who was the instigator, giving her wedgies and a hard spanking. Bottoms turn very red on this day.

Serious HOT wedgie action plus a spanking.images

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Ouch,nasty wedgie spankings,Woo Hoo!!


When Veronica catches Stevie Rose and Jenna Satvia acting naughty with each other, she bursts into their room and gives them each a painful spanking. She also gives each girl a hard wedgie to further teach them to behave. And since she believes that Stevie was the main instigator, she gives Stevie and extra hard spanking with a wooden bath brush.

Serious HOT wedgie action plus a spanking.