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Naughty little brat Dahliah is teary eyes,feeling sorry and bottom feeling very very sore,stinging hot and looking rosy red after big spanks from dad!!

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,Its Not Fair Daddy” *sob sob*

Dahlia’s well spanked and punished bottom is looking very sore and red after giant hand smacks wriggling and squirming across daddys knees.

“Oh  Ohhhhhh Its hurts too much daddy”

A well punished and very naughty little girl feeling sorry and sore after spending time across her fathers knees.

“I am very very sorry Daddy,Please no more spanking!!!!”

Very squirmy over her daddy’s lap,bottom bare and getting smacked hard!

Both Chloe and her little sister Daliah were throwing eggs at cars at a major intersection on Halloween. Unexpectedly, they were arrested and brought home to their father. He was too apoplectic to deal with it that night but he informed them that they needed to report to him in their pajamas on Saturday morning. He informed both girls that they were to receive a spanking. Neither believed their ears until little Daliah was picked up by her father and taken over his lap. Then, her pj bottoms were lowered and a hard bare bottom spanking occurred.

“Ouch,oh,it hurts so much!!!”

Dahlia’s father spanked her bottom until she tearfully apologised and promised to be good. She was made to stand in the corner with her PJs off watching her sister take her spanking. As she stood there watching and rubbing her sore bottom, she couldn’t help but dwell on the fact that their father had promised them both another spanking at bedtime.


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adrianna punished brats punishedbrats punished brats punished brats spanking schoolgirl spanking

Adriana sheds real tears as the strict headmaster bares her soft schoolgirl bottom and sets upon it with a strap setting her cheeks a glow.

spanked schoolgirl

“Ohhhhhhhh OOOoooooo Ouchy” *pout* Naughty Adriana has a mighty red bottom after rapid fire smacks with a strap!

schoolgirl spankedAdriana has had a rough two weeks. Sincethrowing a tantrum at home and disrespecting her mother she has suffered the indignities of being required to dress as a little girl and subjected to many bare bottom spankings. In many ways school has been a respite from her daily humiliations. At first, she had feared the someone would see the frilly panties she was required to wear beneath her uniform, but she has been able to keep this a secret. Unfortunately, she was summoned to Headmaster Valentine’s office for cutting class. She had done this many times before and would receive a few days in detention. Today, much to the chagrin of Adriana, the headmaster decided to use corporal punishment as punishment for this repeated offence. She was required to bend over the library stairs for a punishment with the strap-paddle. Upon raising her skirt the headmaster was shocked to see Adriana’s frilly undies. Wishing she could disappear, so great was her embarrassment, Adriana had to explain that she was being punished by her mother and the little girl underwear was required. The Headmaster noted that the frills on her panties provided too much protection and her punishment would be applied to her bare bottom. As the implement landed on her naked bottom all Adriana could do was cry.


Naughty little schoolgirl Adriana sobs as she looks back and takes a peek at her reddened bottom,OUCHY!

Adriana’s tears flowed as the Headmaster continued to punish her bare bottom with the strap paddle. She pleaded for him to stop and promised never to cut class again. Once her spanking was finished, Adriana was placed in the corner with her bare bottom on display. Adriana was overwhelmed by a sense of abject humiliation.

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Little Mandie Rae bends over the ladder with her perky bottom exposed for the harsh spanking of a life time.Every spank that lands across her tiny bottom is hard and makes her bum super RED!


Mandie Rae clutches her well spanked ass and parts her flaming red ass cheeks revealing her pretty pussy! What a naughty sight indeed!

rubbing sore bottom up and down-flaming red ass

Rubbing her flaming red sore         bottom all better!

It was the final session of her three day sentence at Discipline Camp. Mandie entered the punishment room filled with fear and based on her prior two visits to this place of punishment, she had cause. As she entered she expected to see Mr. Pierson, her court assigned disciplinarian, with some large implement. Instead, she found him holding a small plastic object. “How bad could that be?” she thought. Mr. Pierson instructed her to remove all clothing below her waist and bend over the stairs. Soon, she learned just how badly a small implement could hurt, and how it fit into the smallest of creases. Mr. Pierson soon had Mandie sobbing as he applied both the small object of punishment and his hands to her bottom and thighs. He did not neglect the inner aspects of her thighs, an area of the body that is exceedingly sensitive .


                    Red bottom and thighs

As Mr. Pierson plies his trade, spanking the brat’s bottom, thighs and other creases, all Mandie could do was cry and promise to be good. After her punishment was over Mandie was made to stand against the wall and the results of her discipline was broadcast to the public as a warning. With her red bottom and legs on display to the public, Mandie apologized for not being a better citizen in the brave new world in which she lived.

Mandie spanked legs look very tender,hot and sore!



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