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A little trust goes a long way…when it’s broken Stacy is spanked totally nude!

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Stacys bottom is burning,stinging red all over as her Husband spanks her naked bottom firmly with his punishment strap.

A little trust goes a long way…when it’s broken Stacy is spanked totally nude!
Stepping naked out of the shower, Stacy Stockton is hot, soaking wet and looking guilty as husband Jonny asks about going out with a male work colleague. It’s all about trust in Truly Madly Deeply. She kneels nude to accept her punishment: 110 with a strap!

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Joelle jumps up from the pain!!!! It hurts  too much.

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Mum is not finished spanking your bottom yet Joelle.

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“Ahhhhhhhhh No Mummy Nooooooo Ouchies Mummieeeee”

Mummy gives her bad girl a super bright red ass with the dreaded solid bathbrush.

Joelle was engaged in a phone conversation of a sexual nature with a young man when she was overheard by Veronica. Joelle found herself bent over the tub and spanked with a bath brush.

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Soon after the bath brush started to find its target on Joelle’s wet bottom, she soon started to promise better behavior. The brush fell. Then, despite Joelle’s best efforts to maintain some of her dignity she was forced to stand up and jump from the pain, only to be put back in place by Veronica. Once her spanking was over, Joelle was required to remain in position and think about her behavior with  very sore and red well spanked bottom.

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Nude bath-tub spanking for Katherine St James sets buns bouncing

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Cuties Kat and Sam are naughty and naked together ooooooh yummy!!

Naughty Kat gets a her wet butt smacked hot red by her brother as Sam watches in shock!

Two naked girls, lots of suds, a blistering, wet spanking: it’s the bath-time finale of Katherine St James and Samantha Woodley planning to run away to New York in Brotherly Love. Bouncing bare butt spanked crimson in slow-mo: enjoy to the end!

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Bianca’s warm soapy wet bottom is spanked dry:) AMAZING!!!

Her strict Mother spanks her pretty exposed naked bottom cheeks furiously making them a deep burning hot RED!!!

After a hard day at school, Bianca decides to take a relaxing bubble bath. She was shocked when her mother came in to confront her about being rude to teacher. During a discussion of the Civil War, she asked her teacher what side she fought on? She noted that it was just a joke, but it was a joke neither her teacher or mom found funny. She was pulled from the tub and spanked on her wet, soapy bottom with a bath brush.


Gorgeous Bianca’s ripe ass is OH SO VERY RED!

Bianca, through her tears promised never to disrespect any of her teachers again, but her mother continued to spank her with the bath brush until she felt the lesson was learned. Just as Bianca thought her torment was over, Bianca’s mother began rubbing her sore bottom with the bristles of the bath brush causing the bratty girl to shout in pain. Then Bianca was made to stand naked in the corner of the bathroom. She was cold and filled with shame and remorse.

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WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Bianca’s tough mom swats her naked ass cheeks deep scorching RED RED RED with a big heavy brush as the naughty daughter bends over dripping wet against the bath completely naked.

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Amelia Jane Rutherford is Spanked and Showered

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Amelia’s wet and bright red bottom is spanked as she bends over in saturated pajamas.

Amelia had been testing out the boundaries of what she could get away with. She felt stifled in a house beset with what she thought were ridiculous rules. She
had returned home from college and a hard vigorous gym workout and was tired, having an important exam the following day, so went to bed early without showering. John found out and it crossed one of his many strict and often unfair House Rules – Shower before bedtime. Amelia didn’t take too kindly to being disturbed and answered back in such a brusque tone that it meant an instant spanking whether she liked it or not! She continued to be really bratty and refused to listen to him so he dragged her into the bathroom for a humiliating cold water showering punishment with her pajamas still on. That soon brought a shocked Amelia to her senses and made her aware of how much trouble she had got herself in. An embarrassing and quite painful wet bottom spanking and leather strapping got her attention and John left her shivering in the cold bathroom afterwards to contemplate never breaking his House Rules again!

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