The Runaways – Little Ava’s Spanking

Ava and Chloe tend to their sore red bottoms aftre a punishment spanking from Mum with her firm unforgiving hand.


Cute Little Ava squirms as strict Mommy smacks her little perky bare bum hard and fast.White panties dangling around her lower thighs and bare cheeks turning a blushing red.

After witnessing the spanking Chloe endured, little Ava was filled with fear when it was her turn to take her place over Mommy Audrey’s lap. Her panties were lowered and as Audrey’s hand found its target, Ava knew that her dread was not misplaced.

While standing in the corner, all Chloe could do was cringe as little Ava’s bare bottom was soundly spanked by Mommy Audrey. Once her punishment was completed, she was made to stand next to Chloe in the picture window for all of the town to see what happens to little girls who attempt to escape.

The girls are smacked till their bum cheeks are red and sore at Punished Brats Spanking->

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